Refilling Inkjets and Observational Differences

  anon_private 06:41 01 Jun 2016

I have a Epson Stylus SX100 printer.

Can I refill the cartridges, and will the printer function? On the original cartridges there is a label and it states 'do not remove' - Why not?

I use kubuntu OS and installed the printer using kubuntu and not the from the disk supplied with the printer.

On a related point. Originally, I installed this printer under Windows and noted inkjet relill level diagrams. But under kubuntu, I see none of these and none of the other Epson type publicity boxes, etc.

The printer works well under kubuntu

Can anyone offer advise regarding refilling, and explain my different observations under the two operating systems.


  alanrwood 08:24 01 Jun 2016

You can't refill these cartridges unless you have a chip re-setter. The chip measures how much ink is used and when IT decides the cartridge is nearing empty it warns you to replace it then stops the printer from printing. You can refill it but you need to reset the chip with a re-setter or it won't work.

The software provided by Epson is for Windows and includes the ink level reporting facility. The Kubuntu version obviously does not include it. Some others who are more into Linux than me may have a better answer on this point.

  anon_private 16:43 04 Jun 2016

Thank you

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