Refilling HP 338 & HP 343 ink cartridge

  FatboySlim71 11:41 22 Mar 2007

I have an HP printer that uses the 338(black) & 343(colour) ink cartridges, I was wondering if anyone has any experiances of refilling these cartridges, also have they experianced any problems during or after refilling and re using them in the printer. I have been looking at the Inktec refills, has anyone any opinions on these. Basically I want to save a bit on ink cartridges and thought that the refill kits from Inktec would be a good idea.

Just a thought though, would my printer detect that the cartridge was full again, as some still show that they are empty even if they have been refilled.

  moorie- 11:50 22 Mar 2007

i wouldnt fancy it personally how much are the refill kits compared to new,

  FatboySlim71 11:58 22 Mar 2007

I can get a black and a colour refill kit for £22, the black does 5 refills and the colour does 12. I currently buy original HP ink cartridges off Amazon for £23-24. I thought the saving sounded too good to be true. Thanks anyway.

  Greengage 16:11 22 Mar 2007

I assume it's for your Photosmart C3180 which only takes the lower volume cartridges. I have a similar "problem" click here but have found a site that sells higher volume compatible cartridges at a decent price. I have ordered the 338 & 343 today from click here and wait to see how they turn out.

  moorie- 16:31 22 Mar 2007

i dont know if anyone has tried these from choice stationry,licenced hp product snap &click
click here

  FatboySlim71 17:20 22 Mar 2007

Thanks very much for the link to the higher volume compatible cartridges, I didnt know about this site, I will give them a try next time I need some.

Thanks moorie for the link, I had looked at these but I found them a bit expensive in the off set, thanks anyway.

Ill leave the topic open for a bit longer to see what happens. Thanks very much everyone who has replied, the help has been appreciated.

  FatboySlim71 23:10 23 Mar 2007


  FatboySlim71 09:43 24 Mar 2007


  provider 2 10:26 24 Mar 2007

Some interesting information about HP cartridges on this site. I tried the Inkmailer system but found it was rather slow. I haven`t used the refilled cartridges yet, so cannot comment on the quality of print. click here

  provider 2 10:33 24 Mar 2007

Before then, being a bit of a skinflint, I tried the Tesco ink pack on the HP 21 and 22 cartridges. I wish I hadn`t bothered! The physical side of things went well enough but I think there may be a chip in the circuitry which messes up the print program when it detects a refilled cartridge.

  spuds 13:04 24 Mar 2007

The HP C3100 series (C3180 Photosmart)is supplied with the lower capacity 336 (black) and 342 (Tri-colour) cartridges. There is also a 348 Photo cartridge available. Changing to the higher capacity 338 11ml HPC8765EE (black)and 343 7ml HPC8766EE (Tri-colour)is no problem machine wise, the fact that the price between the two cartridge components is negligible, so the higher capacity is more favourable cost wise.

I usually refill my own cartridges using JR or InkTec refills, but haven't tried out the above cartridges yet.Cartridge World (my local) have quoted £10 for black and £14 for Tri-colour on higher capacity cartridges, they cannot (!) refill lower capacity HP supplied cartridges.

Shopping around, 7dayshop seem to be offering the best prices at present for original of the above.Ebuyer are not far behind. Some suppliers seem to be asking silly prices, with slight reductions for 2 pack combinations. Compatibles from various suppliers seem to have a near difference price, comparing originals to compatibles, so best to shop around.

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