refill cart

  COBBLER 16:35 26 Jul 2003

refilled lexmark x75 black cart. have to keep damping with tissue each time I print.
very annoying.

  Wak 16:50 26 Jul 2003

Hi Cobbler, You could have an air lock in the cartridge.
I use the Ink-Tec refills from click here and with them you get a cartridge holder, a rubber attachment and a special syringe so that you can actually withdraw ink through the print head and thus make sure that the ink is flowing correctly.
I suppose it could also be caused by leaving the cartridge empty for a while before refilling thus giving it a chance to dry out slightly.
Try standing the cartridge on a wet tissue for quite a while to try and get it flowing properly.
You haven't sealed the refill hole have you???

  menorcarob2 16:55 26 Jul 2003

i thought refilling went out with win95, you are just as well to buy the cartriges from try here click here i know they say out of stock but this could change on monday

  pj123 17:41 26 Jul 2003

I don't refill anymore (too messy) but when I did I learned never let a cartridge get completely empty before refilling. The maxim is, little and often. Also there is a maximum refill life, something like 10 times I think.

  Wak 10:24 27 Jul 2003

Just out of interest, I think refilling cartridges is only as messy as the individual makes it. The Ink-Tec kits I use from make it a very clean job with no inky fingers to contend with.
I also used to have a Canon BJ1000 printer and refilled the BC-02/5 cartridges approx 20 times each with no discernible loss in quality until the printer died (Power supply unit). But I understand from some web sites that about 10 times is usually enough as PJ123 says. By this time I would imagine that you would have saved about £250 so you should be able to afford a new cartridge now and again!

  spuds 12:58 27 Jul 2003

I also use InkTec refill kits similar to Wak, from Choice Stationary.JR InkJet kits do not have the essential balancing device, unless if that as now changed. Purchasing from Choice, also provides good after sales service. I had a similar leakage problem, when I first started to use refills. Choice solved the problem by suggesting 'blue tack' or sellotape remedy. Simple advice, and it worked.

InkTec even have a website, showing how to do refills.White gloves and all.

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