reel to reel transfer

  spasimodo 19:27 29 Mar 2012

Hi All! I have a good few open reel tapes, mainly of old rock bands I was in. Is there any simple way to transfer these to my hard drive?

  northumbria61 21:04 29 Mar 2012

You will need an analogue to digital converter. You can get a converter online, at computer stores and at audio stores. It will have input jacks for RCA cables from the tape player, a converter box and a USB cable for output.

Read more: How to Record From Reel to Reel to CD |

Or you can have it done professionally - I can't imagine it will be cheap!

  northumbria61 21:06 29 Mar 2012

Here is the correct link -

  northumbria61 21:09 29 Mar 2012

Will try again - enter link description here

  northumbria61 21:10 29 Mar 2012

Choice here at Amazon - enter link description here

  eedcam 22:29 29 Mar 2012

Why will he need a digital to analogue convertor all he needs is to connect to the line in input on the PC . >The problem is what is the output connections form the tape deck If you have line out then just connect upand use something like Audacity which is free to record with. If its something like a Din output then a simple Din to phono adaptor would do

  john bunyan 22:57 29 Mar 2012

Also if the Reel to reel tape recorder has a headphone socket, a phono lead with a male plug at each end, with the PC end into the microphone socket. Ideally your PC would have a sound card. Then you have to capture the music in real time using suitable software - I use Roxio Creator 2010, but free Audacity would be fine.

  stlucia2 07:57 30 Mar 2012

I've been using Audacity for years to copy my reel-to-reel, cassette, and vinyl music to my PC. As others have mentioned, provided your PC has a sound card, all you need to do is connect your tape machine's line-out to the sound card's line-in. If you don't have a line-out, a headphone output will do instead, but in that case the tape machine's volume control will alter the volume of the recording -- with line-out the volume and tone controls on the machine don't affect what's going out.

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