Reel to Reel onto CD

  lacker 20:53 01 Mar 2003

Does anybody out there remember reel to reel tape recorders,I have to confess I do(when I was very very young of course).I have several tapes of family events etc,which I would like to get onto CD.Presumably if I could find an old tape recorder,it would not have the neccessary outlets to connect to my PC.Can anybody advise me any different,or provide an alternative solution.
Many Thanks Tony

  interzone55 21:31 01 Mar 2003

The reel to reel tape recorder would presumably have a headphone output, or a line out, just connect this to the line-in on your soundcard. Then do a test recording to check the levels.

  beeuuem 21:37 01 Mar 2003

My Telefunkem Magnetophon 204TS of unknown vintage has mono/ stereo din outputs. Most reel to reel tape recorders have din outputs for feeding the output through an amplifier/Hi-Fi.
Leads are available from Maplin,among others to allow connection to PC
Part no.RW24B

5Pin DIN to 2x3.5mm Plugs
£2.99 each

While I have put most of the tapes onto CD the T/R is in regular use - or will be when I get around to repairing the pre-amp!

  lacker 21:49 01 Mar 2003

Thanks for the info folks,I did wonder about headphone output,but couldn't remember the ones I was associated with having one.beeuum,at least proves some did.Time to go over to ebay and see if any are on sale there,no more than half a crown though!

Thanks again Tony

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