Reducing the size of an MS Word file with graphics

  Peter 01:44 17 Mar 2006

I want to insert a graphic into a Word 97 document several times, but I want to keep the size of the file down.

I know that I can link to the graphic file, instead of embeding it in the document, but this means supplying two files instead of one document, which may be a bit too complicated for the intended recipient.

Does anyone know of a way of inserting the graphic into the document once and then linking to it several times, in other places in the same document?

Thanks, Peter.

  johnnyrocker 11:17 17 Mar 2006

not quite sure but would hyperlink work? (to say a saved image)
gets you a bump anyway.


  Peter 02:09 18 Mar 2006


Thanks for your suggestions, but both of them have the file size growing the more graphic is inserted.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

VoG™ - With your expertise in Excel I was banking on you ;-)


  Peter 12:48 19 Mar 2006

Oh well, perhaps I will have to educate the recipient of my Word file in how to work with linked separate graphic files.

That is, of course, unless someone else can come up with a more elegant solution - please.


  Peter 12:47 22 Mar 2006

Sadly no real solution yet so I shall apply the green tick just to close the thread down.


  Peter 12:47 22 Mar 2006


  recap 13:06 22 Mar 2006

Can you Zip the file, or will it only confuse the recipient?

  Peter 01:01 23 Mar 2006


Yes recap, I could zip the file, but that would add yet another layer of complexity and, as you suggest, confusion. Anyway, thanks for your reply.


  Taff™ 06:38 23 Mar 2006

Just a thought - How big is the graphic in the first place and what format is it? How big does it have to physically be when printed or viewed?

If for example the document you are sending is for on screen reading you could insert it as a .gif file. If it`s for printing you may need something a little larger like a .jpg which can be "sized" appropriately.

Does the graphic appear on every page? If so put it in the Header/Footer. Another little trick would be to do this and on pages you do`t want it printed simply cover it up with a text box or another object that is "filled" white.

  Diemmess 15:13 23 Mar 2006

No chance of saving your doc. as a .pdf I suppose?

  Peter 01:40 24 Mar 2006


A PDF is not a suitable document in this case Diemmess.

Lokit - I think it may be necessary to send the document and graphic as two files and link to the graphic from within the Word document, but I was trying to avoid that level of complexity.

Taff™ - I have used the "graphics in header" solution for form filling, but I don't think it is suitable in this situation.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions.


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