Reducing size of digital images for emailing

  Digimon 22:40 19 Jul 2004

Being a broadbander, I don't normally worry about the size of the files I send via email to my contacts. However, one of them still has a 56k dial up modem and my digital camera images (I like to take pictures at the optimum quality on a 4mp camera) block her email for the best part of an hour.

So I have two questions:
1)How do I reduce the size of an image fit for emailing
2)What is an acceptable size that still has decent quality and yet can be downloaded on a dial up modem more speedily?

All suggestions gratefully received, thanks.

  The Mad Monk 22:49 19 Jul 2004

From past experience and i may be getting muddled a bit but do not think so.

Open MSPaint and open the jpeg image with that. Crop it a little and save as a BITMAP image (.bmp)

I used to send back files (pics) in that format after they started as jpeg.

About 1mb is fine and only takes a short while to be seen by recipient.

No doubt someone will have a better option but have a go and see if it works.

  Digimon 22:56 19 Jul 2004

I'll give it a go....there may be several ways to address this problem...thanks for the speedy response.

  steve12345 22:57 19 Jul 2004

Don't save as BMP! That's an uncompressed format.

Open the Image in your Image editing program.
Save as JPEG but use a higher compression ratio (lower Quality) setting.

Or you can reduce the Image resolution. If your friend is just going to view the image on screen and not print then 1280x1024 (or there abouts) should be fine.

If you need and image viewer/converter, try "IrfanView".

  User-312386 22:59 19 Jul 2004

have you got office 2003?

If you have right click the image and click on "open with" and select office picture manager

Now click on edit picture and you will be able to compress from there

  Sans le Sou 23:00 19 Jul 2004

Do you have any photoediting software? Then you can manipulate the pixels. Bitmaps are huge, i should thinkpics of about 75-100kb would be ok. Still take a while if you have lots of them.

  Chegs ® 23:02 19 Jul 2004

Bitmaps are huge compared to jpegs!

There are any number of image editing software about the net.I usually upload mine to my server and then send the URL to whoever to view,but not all have access to a server.IrfanView is my editor of choice,I simply alter the filesize from 1280x960 to 640x480.This cuts it from 3.5Mbs to approx 300Kbs.The quality suffers,but not to much.

  marjted 23:11 19 Jul 2004

A few points to consider first.
Is the image intended just for on screen viewing or for printout?
On screen only reduce size to about 400 pix wide and compress to around 60% jpeg or lower.
For printout make resolution no larger than 240 pixels/inch and possibly reduce size to around 6 x 4 ?
Then save in jpeg at a compression to suit
A 4mp image will reduce approx as here:
at 70% comp >> 350 Kb file .... about 2 mins to download
at 35% comp >> 128 Kb file .... 47 secs
at 17% comp >> 75 kb file .... 25 secs

  Pesala 23:12 19 Jul 2004

click here

I would recommend 800 x 600 or the same resolution as your friend uses. Save as 50 quality setting in Irfan View. Quick resize option to common screen sizes.

  The Mad Monk 23:18 19 Jul 2004

thought i was getting muddled. Maybe i did something similar.

Still. I did try and help even though i have now learnt something new.


  Bagsey 23:21 19 Jul 2004

You have got to think of the poor bloke on dial up that is sitting waiting for his email program back while he is downloading your 1meeg photo. Frankly life is to short to sit for an age waiting for that to happen. It really depends a lot on what you expect the recipient to do with the downloaded image. If they are just going to look at it on screen then 640x480 is a big enough file. But if you want him to print out a quality image then he will need patience and lots of it. As an example of image size related to visual impact look at click here
This image is 885x550 and a file size of 202kb
If you now look at the images on this site click here you will see photos whose max allowed file size is 50kb (460pixels wide)I think that will illustrate that you can keep files small and still show a reasonable image and not bore your recipient to death waiting for the file download. I hope that this helps.

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