reducing resolutions

  kimosabi 12:18 30 Sep 2005

Hi Guys
I have a 20" lcd tv/monitor which is working fine except that the fonts are all fuzzie I have contacted the makers which is Beko and they told me to reduce the reolution to [email protected] the problem is that I can't reduce less than 800x600 I informed them that I can't and they said that my comp and tv/monitor are not compatible??? Is there a way I can get this resolution to 640x480. I am on winxp home AMD PROC.Your response will be greatfully received regards

  De Marcus™ 13:12 30 Sep 2005

Describe the process by which your trying to reduce the resolution, the advice from Beko seems pathetic and incorrect to me...

  kimosabi 13:55 30 Sep 2005

Hi DeMarcus thanks for your response
ok I went into display propities settings and tried to reduce on the slider from 800x600 but it wont let me go any lower

  De Marcus™ 13:58 30 Sep 2005

It's possibly down to the graphics driver, what graphics card are you using?

  kimosabi 14:06 30 Sep 2005

all in wonder 9000 according to device manager

  sharkfin 14:15 30 Sep 2005

The advice the manufacturer gave doesnt sound right at all. No way should a 20inch TFT be displaying 640x480.
More like 1600x1200.

If yo havent tried all the possible resolutions already, I would recommend you to try the ClearType tool by microsoft which should make the text sharper and clearer for you.

click here

  kimosabi 15:18 30 Sep 2005

have already installed clear type tool slightly better but not good enough I find it strange because photos and when starting up is as clear as a bell I have just ordered a new one Hyundai 17"l17T Imagequest with a resolution of 12??x1??? so Ill use the 20" as a tv and the new one as my monitor/tv I hope LOL. Thanks for your help very pleasing to know that you guys take the trouble to respond and try your best to help us dumbos so thanks again kind regards kimo
ps.unless you come up with something else ha ha

  DieSse 18:29 30 Sep 2005

Can you give us the model number of your TV - I suspect that's all it is really, and it may not be very suitable for use as a moniotor - the model number will enable us to have a look at the specification.

  kimosabi 16:43 01 Oct 2005

hi DieSse
Its a 20"L5LCD beko model NR20LB330 I am still using it in monitor mode getting used to the fuzzy and broken words but not for too long

  DieSse 20:10 01 Oct 2005

click here beko product page.

The 20" one is 640x480 resolution - thus capable of only being a TV - not suitable as a monitor in this day and age. So what the Beko man said is correct.

*Caveat Emptor* I guess - what were you told when you bought it?

  sharkfin 21:52 01 Oct 2005

Opps, didnt realise that it was a TV screen. Yep as DieSse has said, its only capable of displaying TV at its best and not as a computer monitor.

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