Reducing number of Users in XP Home

  wee eddie 10:25 17 May 2005

I wish to reduce the number of users on my PC. They're all me anyway.

How do I lift the files and folders from the "User" I wish to delete and place them with the "User" I wish to retain

  TomJerry 10:28 17 May 2005


  Indigo 1 10:30 17 May 2005

Just allow file sharing for those files you want to save and check that they are visible in the main account before deleting the unwanted account.

  Total Care Support 11:08 17 May 2005

Hi wee eddie,

When you delete a user through user accounts control panel it gives you the option to keep users files. If you pick this option it will copy the users "My Documents" and "Desktop" to a folder on the desktop of the user you are logged on as. So if you log on as the user you want to keep, delete the accounts you don't through user accounts control panel and pick to "Keep Files", you will you will have a folder with these files on the desktop.

If like me you do not trust an automated process with your files you can copy them all manually. All user accounts are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\. There is then a folder for each user which contains all of the users files. The main 2 folders you will be looking for in each users folder are "User's Documents" and "Desktop" but there are also a number of other items in here such as internet favourites and Outlook or Outlook Express email.

If you have made any or all user accounts then you may find this a better option, as you will not be able to access the files in the way described above due to access restrictions. Log on as each user individually and move all of the files you want to keep to Shared docunents in my computer. You can then move all of the files back to your personal documents folder when you log on as the user you want to keep. If you prefer you could create a new folder on the C: drive and use this instead of the "Shared Documents folder".

A word of advice, once you have sorted everything out I would use the one account for a while and make sure everything is there before you delete the other accounts, there's nothing worse than deleting a user account and then wanting to reply to an email or something that was in that account.

You could hide the unwanted user accounts from the log-on screen using Microsofts TweakUI PowerTool. This way the names will no longer be shown on the startup screen so will not annoy you, but no files will be deleted so you can always un-hide them if there is something you have forgot.

To download TweakUI
click here

Excuse the long post, but this is definatly something worth getting right so you don't lose any data. Hope it helps.

Best regards,


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