Reducing MP3 File Sizes

  Pesala 16:51 05 Jul 2003

I have some MP3 files that are 26Mbytes but only 30 minutes long. Others I have are only 14 Mbytes, but over 1 hour long. How can I reduce the file size with MP3 Direct Cut?

  ton 17:21 05 Jul 2003

I don't know if you can do this with MP3Directcut as I don't use it.
CDEX is a good program that can easily do this and a lot more. It's also free click here

  jazzypop 17:23 05 Jul 2003

I have no knowledge of Direct Cut, but the only methods I know for reducing an MP3 are to record for a shorter length of time, or to re-save at a lower bitrate - if you do not need the sound to be of the highest quality, try either 96bps, or even experiment with vbr (variable bitrate).

There are many, many good free MP3 editors that will allow you to resample MP3s to a lower bitrate.

  Pesala 17:41 05 Jul 2003

I tried changing the configuration settings in Directcut, lowering the bitrate, using low quality setting instead of normal, then resaving the file, but it made no difference to the file size.

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