reducing file size

  garybaldy 22:33 13 Mar 2004

please help,ive scanned all my accounts into my computer and used the wrong settings now my harddrive is nearly fall as each document is 54KB is there a way i can reduce the file size without zipping the files or delete the whole lot and starting again.many thanks

  garybaldy 22:35 13 Mar 2004

i meant every document is now 56,000kb

  Diodorus Siculus 22:37 13 Mar 2004

Have you saved them as image files or what? If so, then you might be able to use an OCR program to recognise the text and save as smaller.

BTW, do you mean 54kb or 54mb?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:38 13 Mar 2004

OK, I see what you mean... c.54Mb. Try the OCR option if you can. Otherwise, save as low quality jpegs, using irfanview.

  garybaldy 22:43 13 Mar 2004

they are saved as bitmap images.can they still be reduced using OCR and if so how?

  garybaldy 23:23 13 Mar 2004

the folder i need to reduce i 1.24GB and i need to save it on a 700mb disc any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:52 14 Mar 2004

As the files are bitmaps, you can convert them to jpegs and they should still be legible. They will be reduced in size as a result.

  garybaldy 11:21 14 Mar 2004

how do i convert them to jpegs?

  Peter 12:14 14 Mar 2004


I don't think conversion to jpeg will be suitable as jpegs are best used for 24 bit colour pictures, not text. You could try converting one or two and see what the results are like.

Have you scanned them in full colour or did you scan in 1 bit black & white. 1 bit is usually all you need for scans of text and will considerably reduce the file size. Most image processing programmes will convert your bitmaps to 1 bit, if necessary, which would save you rescanning your documents. IrfanView can increase or decrease the colour depth, which should help change the file size.

I use a programme called Pagis Pro 3 for scanning and storing my bank statements, with each statement resulting in a file size of about 45K. I don't think this programme is available anymore, but maybe someone else knows better. Try looking at DjVu on click here to see a similar sort of programme.


  Pesala 12:16 14 Mar 2004

If you click here you can see that PNG would be a lot smaller. If it is text, PNG files can be smaller than JPG though JPG is much more efficient for compressing photos.

Experiment with saving one file from Irfan View click here at different resolutions and in different formats. If what you are saving is scanned TIFF images, you could save a huge amount of space, without much loss of quality.

If you want to convert them to text sometime in the future, then keep the best quality you can - 200 dpi at least. If you just want to read them on screen, 50 or 100 dpi should be adequate for scanned correspondence.

  Peter 12:16 14 Mar 2004


P.S. - You could also try converting them to text using an OCR programme, but you would need to check the results for each sheet to check for reading errors.


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