Reduced installed memory (RAM) ?!?!?!

  Meyra3131 01:15 10 Aug 2017


I have had screen display freezing and computer not responding problem at random times and I took my PC to the repair shop. They tested it for a few weeks and said that the GPU was broken (they said they had graphics issue in BIOS).

I had 2 year old AMD R9 280. They told me it is better to buy a new GPU so I ordered a new one for my self from Amazon (UK) and i have ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB ROG STRIX GAMING GDDR5 now.

Anyways right after I got my new GPU installed and got my case from the repair shop i noticed that the installed RAM went from 6GB (3x2) to 2GB! I opened up the case and removed/installed them back again and this time it was 4GB! I did the same thing and nothing happened it is still 4 GB lol. I have been using it for 3-4 weeks cuz I had important work to complete, but now i want to know what's wrong with this computer?

  Menzie 01:52 10 Aug 2017

What model of motherboard do you have? Is may be possible that the on-board video has somehow been activated and has taken some memory.

Make sure that the onboard graphics are disabled in the BIOs and any memory allocated to it.

  wee eddie 10:25 10 Aug 2017

It's possible that there has been a change in OS's here, from 64 bit to 32 bit and back to 64 bit. If you add the amount of RAM taken up by On-board Graphics Processing and I think you may have it.

  MJS WARLORD 17:50 10 Aug 2017

i am a bit confused it should be showing 6 but was showing 2 , you removed the ram and put it back now it shows 4... when you put it back did you put it back in the same slots on the motherboard... to check for faulty memory type memory diagnosis into the search box , this will do a full memory test AND tell you how much memory windows can see .... question of the day then ... why cant it see the 6 you say you have.

  Meyra3131 04:06 12 Aug 2017

x58a-gd65 by MSI is my motherboard. Pretty old, bought back in the 2008s.. Tbh i dont know much about motherboards.

How do I disable the on-board graphics or any memory allocated to it? :D is

  Meyra3131 04:09 12 Aug 2017


I put them all into the same slot yeah.. and ok i ll try to do memory diagnosis.. what if it is still showing 4GB?

  MJS WARLORD 08:08 12 Aug 2017

If memory test shows 4 then remove 1 block of ram and rerun test , if test says 2 then that shows one of the ram blocks left in is faulty , now you will have to swap one of the two to try and figure out which one is faulty.

  Meyra3131 11:27 13 Aug 2017


Yeah I'll do it once I complete my assignment soon. There could also be something wrong with the motherboard too I guess

  Secret-Squirrel 11:40 13 Aug 2017

Meyra, following on from Menzie's hunch, open Resource Monitor, click the "Memory" tab, expand the "Physical Memory" section then take a screenshot and post it here.

  Meyra3131 18:33 25 Aug 2017


Sorry for late reply. I still haven't applied any of these help messages above cuz I am busy with some other stuff. I will have a look at this next week but here is a screenshoot from resource monitor

  Meyra3131 18:34 25 Aug 2017

hmm somehow the image is not attaching

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