Reduce time when emailing attachments

  amyjen7 16:34 06 Feb 2005

I email pictures regularly to family in Australia but 3 photos can take anything up to 20 minutes to go through my Norton scanner. Is there anyway I can reduce this time?

  Graham ® 16:50 06 Feb 2005

You must be on dial-up. Are the pictures in jpeg format?

You could reduce the size of the pictures with Irfanview click here

Experiment by sending to yourself.

  Diemmess 16:51 06 Feb 2005

If you have to scan prints why not scan at a lowish resolution? The folk down-under can ask for better, if they really want to mount them on the wall.

  interzone55 16:52 06 Feb 2005

What do you mean by "take anything up to 20 minutes to go through my Norton scanner."?

Is this the time it takes to send the mail or to scan the mail before sending it. If the former then you could try reducing the size of the pictures before sending them, if the problem is with the latter, then try re-installing norton or better yet get a different Anti-Virus package, try the free AVG click here or my prefered software Nod32 click here it costs £23 to buy & £15 a year for updates but it's never failed my yet and uses loads less resources than Norton

  Graham ® 16:54 06 Feb 2005

:-) I think Wort is referring to antivirus, which shouldn't be scanning outgoing mail anyway.

  Diemmess 17:02 06 Feb 2005

....and there was I thinking YOU ... hadn't read his question!!!

The only Norton product I have used in yonks is Ghost and I'm not encouraged to try other Norton products when they seem (to me) to be behind so many of the troubles posted on this forum...

(Yes I acknowledge that I am scandal-mongering without personal experience so should be ignored!)

  Graham ® 17:06 06 Feb 2005

While you're here, 3 pictures at, say, 500kb each at 40kbps on dial-up, how long?

  Diemmess 17:16 06 Feb 2005

Very rough guess because I'm now on BB, but from memory I would say 5-6 minutes

  anchor 17:16 06 Feb 2005

All my outgoing e-mail, with or without attachments, are scanned by Norton antivirus.

I often send very large jpg attachments, (to friends, who like me, have broadband), and the actual Norton scanning process takes only a few seconds. The transmission takes longer of course. What file sizes are you sending?.

Are you on broadband?; if not, the bottleneck is more likely to be the speed limitation of dial-up.

  ExPara 20:01 06 Feb 2005

Why not just right click on the file, Select >Send To> Mail Recipient. A New Message in Outlook Express will open with the file attached at a much reduced file size. Try it!

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