[DELETED] 15:11 13 Oct 2003

Using a domain from 1&1 I have redirected the domain to my free webspace. Homepage works and comes up with domain but a link to the first page shows, in the address bar myname/homepage/ How can I force the domain to show on address bar on every page.

Using XP frontpage and dreamweaver 4.


  [DELETED] 19:10 13 Oct 2003

Chris walks in webroom...hello...anyone here.

  [DELETED] 19:15 13 Oct 2003

Think you need to have cloaking on, but can't remember if there is a setting for it on the 1&1 website.

  [DELETED] 19:42 13 Oct 2003

I've put me coat on and nuffinks apand...

  [DELETED] 21:28 13 Oct 2003

I've heard the night shift are good.

  [DELETED] 23:19 13 Oct 2003

This is often an "upgraded" service called framed forwarding or "URL Masking" on some it is free of charge ...check with 1 & 1

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