Redirecting from Search engines

  bluemoon69 11:28 08 Dec 2011

Hi difarn and thanks mate, Done that, she says she had about 7 infections one being a backdoor and a highjacker also a couple of trojans. Removed everyrthing but she said that it is still redirecting from any search engine. When i took a look at it yesterday she had something called IMINENT on it, something her daughter had downlaoded (emoticons and stuff). Whilst i was searching a pop up came up about winning sumit but you could not click it off and keept taking you to a dodgy site and this was to do iminent. So i deleted everything from the registry to do with this program as the uninstall did not get shot. This seem to do the job at the time. She rang me a little earlier to say it started redircting again, so told her to use malwarebytes but as stated above this has not worked either. Then told her to check the registry again for iminent and there it was. So am stumped now. Thanks all in advance. Cliffy.

  bluemoon69 12:14 08 Dec 2011

Sorry buteman about the other post but can not find out where to close it.

  bluemoon69 12:23 08 Dec 2011

I removed it by using REVO uninstaller but as i said it did not seem to remove all traces as i went into the registry to check out. So removed from the registry and seemed ok when i left. She then rang me the next day and said it started to redirect again. Thats when i tried Malware bytes, which came up with a few probs and removed them but it still redirected. So i told her to check in the registry again and there it was again...strange, and i did delete all to do with iminent from there as i kept hitting F3 find next. I told her to hang off from taking it in to a shop and ill ask on here. Many thanks Buteman and to all for help. Any more ideas, i did say to her that may be we will have to go MW forum and do a hjt log from them but think she is a bit impatient to do that. lol.

  BurrWalnut 13:05 08 Dec 2011

If she is too impatient to wait for someone to analyse the HijackThis log, she could run it and delete the redirection entries that begin with 01, 13 and 17.

  onthelimit1 13:37 08 Dec 2011

Might be worth running kaspersky's free TDSSKiller here

  bluemoon69 16:06 08 Dec 2011

Thanks for everyones help. I have just spoken to her and she has already took it to the shop :( going to charge her £40 + and take a couple of days. lmao. Told her we could have done it in the same time and for nothing.....women lol :). Anyways cheers all.

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