Redirected to siteenable what is it ?

  martd7 14:21 17 Dec 2015

Over the last few weeks I've had trouble getting on some internet sites due to being redirected to " a proxy site for schools

How can I stop this happening,? Ive run a malwarebytes scan came up with nothing

Help appreciated thanks

Using windows 7 internet explorer

  difarn 17:12 17 Dec 2015

It is a web proxy used to visit facebook, g mail and many other sites, commonly used by schools, universities etc.

Have you installed an add-on in your browser or downloaded a programme and inadvertently omitted to uncheck a box.

This is a link to the website.

click here

  martd7 23:27 17 Dec 2015

No I haven't installed anything of late

The link you provided is exactly where I end up when ive been redirected

Its a right pain,have run malwarebytes scan,nothing found,and spyware scan,found few tracker cookies nothing more,nothing suspicious found in add and remove programs in windows,avast found nothing

Appreciate any further input thanks

  difarn 06:31 18 Dec 2015

Could someone else have installed this virtual browser for using sites such as Facebook?

Have you checked your add-ons in Internet Explorer to see if it is there. If it is then it can be uninstalled/disabled.

It may be that you have to go through the process of disabling each one in turn to find the culprit. This article may help.

click here you can remember when the trouble started you could restore your pc to a previous date.


  difarn 06:37 18 Dec 2015

Something else to check is the proxy server setting in Internet Explorer.

This article explains the steps.

click here

  martd7 08:07 18 Dec 2015

No one has access to my pc,I only have one add on in internet explorer,ad block plus

The redirection of visited web sites started a few weeks back

Some days its a pain its impossible to get on some sites and other days everything's ok

Rather not use the restore feature for now as I aren't convinced its something on the pc

  difarn 09:08 18 Dec 2015

Did you have a look at the proxy settings on internet explorer as in the link I posted?

  difarn 09:13 18 Dec 2015

You may also find this article interesting - it explains what they are and tells you how to get rid of proxy servers in the same way as the posted link.

click here

  spuds 09:27 18 Dec 2015

Perhaps well off subject, but if you have CCleaner, then check the 'start up', and see if the offending item is listed there. Just a thought though?.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:49 18 Dec 2015

Mart, following on from difarn's advice regarding proxy servers, click here to view your public IP address. When the page has loaded, click the "What my IP says about me" button and look at the "Country" and "Host Info ISP" details. Are those what you'd expect? Finally, go back one page and click the "Check for proxy" button. Let us know what you discover.

  martd7 19:11 18 Dec 2015

Thanks secret squirrel ill do that and post back

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