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Redirected to "bad" site

  anskyber 18:37 20 Sep 2006

My brother in law who is on NTL cable service runs a web site for his local golf club click here when I click the link I am taken to the correct site. Its in Newark Notts UK

Recently when he does the same he is redirected to another site with the same address but it has all sorts of other links, eg the local hotels in Newark, some of the links are to sites in Newark NJ. USA. He has sent me a copy of the page he gets and it comes through to me rather curiously with my PC warning of a request for an Active X control wishing to be downloaded. I'm OK with the Active X issue and did not agree to it. Any thoughts on what might be happening?

  anskyber 18:48 20 Sep 2006

Thanks, I'll pass it on. Out of interest what does that do and does the "error" signify a problem. He tells me by the way that he did a full Acronis roll back to a time before the problem but to no avail.

  anskyber 18:56 20 Sep 2006

Thanks will be looking at both.

  anskyber 19:35 20 Sep 2006

Files have been renamed to hosts.old and "good" hosts obtained without success. The funny part is that the only site currently affected is the Golf Club site for my brother in law.

  anskyber 20:03 20 Sep 2006

Just a thought/question. Is it possible that the corruption is with the NTL server rather than my b-in-l computer? Ie is the hi-jack at the server end?

  anskyber 20:41 20 Sep 2006

Hi. I have managed to check with 2 other NTL users who have the same problem. So it does appear to be an NTL server issue. Other than reporting to NTL have you any further comments?

  anskyber 20:47 20 Sep 2006

Thank you.

  anskyber 14:57 21 Sep 2006

Thanks I'll pass the idea on to him, he is offline at the moment.

  anskyber 14:58 21 Sep 2006

I should have added that the site has been around for a year or two but the problem arose in the last few days.

  anskyber 19:33 21 Sep 2006

He is about to look at silverous helpful suggestion. He now tells me that he did another full Acronis roll back today. He then tried to get into the golf club site using a link from his own (personal) site click here and he was successful. He indicated that the site address does not change when using his own link which is maybe why he got through OK. Prior to the roll back he said that the link through his own site also took him to the "bad" site.

He thinks that there may be a redirection device in his own PC?

  anskyber 19:54 21 Sep 2006

Yes they did/do. This latest development rather confuses things.

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