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  bluemoon69 15:56 06 Dec 2011

Hi and thanks to all in advance. I keep getting redirected from my searches to other sites. Can not work out why or how to stop it. Have done a scan and nothing comes up. Am at a loss, help neede. Many thanks and knid regards cliffy

  difarn 16:06 06 Dec 2011

Very much sounds like you have some malware. Try the free download of Malwarebytes. This is a trusted site to download it from and gives you a bit of information about it. The one you want is the free one at the top left-hand corner of the page.

  bluemoon69 00:26 08 Dec 2011

Hi difarn and thanks mate, Done that, she says she had about 7 infections one being a backdoor and a highjacker also a couple of trojans. Removed everyrthing but she said that it is still redirecting from any search engine. When i took a look at it yesterday she had something called IMINENT on it, something her daughter had downlaoded (emoticons and stuff). Whilst i was searching a pop up came up about winning sumit but you could not click it off and keept taking you to a dodgy site and this was to do iminent. So i deleted everything from the registry to do with this program as the uninstall did not get shot. This seem to do the job at the time. She rang me a little earlier to say it started redircting again, so told her to use malwarebytes but as stated above this has not worked either. Then told her to check the registry again for iminent and there it was. So am stumped now. Thanks all in advance. Cliffy.

  daz60 20:42 08 Dec 2011

Read this carefully it may help or sign up to Bleeping-computer and one of their malware experts will help.

TDSS killer

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  Terry Brown 09:22 10 Dec 2011

You removed everything that was causing the infection an that cured it, however in the system restore the program will be hiding and reload itself.

Re-fix the system and then goto to Help- system restore - Turn off and reboot then reset system restore up again.


  john bunyan 18:49 12 Dec 2011

I would also try Superantispyware as well as Malawarebytes.

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