Redial option for wired routers??

  shuttleworth 13:11 20 May 2007

My question is..Do broadband routers automatically redial if the connection is dropped?
Im asking because I live quite a way from my BT exchange, and every time the line disconnects and i reconnect immediately after, then this results in my IP profile/throughput speed going down. For example i could be happily surfing away with a 1.7Mps connection speed and an IP profile of 1000k....then my line drops....if i immediately reconnect then the connection speed usually goes down to 0.7Mps and my IP profile subsequently is halfed to 500k. And if it disconnected again and i was silly enough to reconnect again then the IP halves again to 250k.
If a router automatically redials after disconnection this means most of the time ill be surfing with a low IP profile....not good really especially considering i want a router to connect a PS3/xbox up to.
So basically is it possible to set up a router to definitely NOT redial if the line is dropped?
I have a BT line, Tiscali 2mb service, live 4 miles from the exchange.

  fitshase 18:56 20 May 2007

My netgear has an option to "connect automatically" meaning that I don't have to put the connection details in each time I want to go on the internet.

If you unselect it, when you fire up the internet, it will ask for the login box and then establish the connection.

As for the dropping of the IP profile, I would contact your ISP as there is a problem there.

  shuttleworth 19:29 20 May 2007

Good news about the router...i was thinking it wouldnt be possible.
My line is one of the LLU lines...which apparently are affected by profiling :( Its nice where i live...countryside, beaches etc..but the broadband is truly crap. I had to write to the BT CEO before i could get it.
Thanks btw :)

  tullie 21:40 21 May 2007

Broadband doesent dial

  shuttleworth 22:09 21 May 2007


  fitshase 22:31 21 May 2007


If you are on ADSL then when you "connect" to your broadband provider, you need to fill in the login details like dial up. It doesn't physically dial a number like dial-up but you still connect.

  tullie 12:03 22 May 2007

You mean you have to do this every time you want to go on line?Whats the eh..?? for shuttleworth?
I turn my pc on,thats it.

  fitshase 12:11 22 May 2007

Nope - I use the "connect automatically" option so that the router keeps the connection live all of the time.

If you do not want the connection to stay live all of the time (for a number of reasons) then you can just click the connect button each time you go online.

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