Red X's for photos

  steve263000 08:05 15 May 2006

I have added a couple of new pages to my site, and in one I have put in some photos taken in London recently. However all I get are the red X's click here

I have saved the photos in the right place in images, and they are named in the correct style, i.e. with small letters. All other photos in the site show up. Also the banner that has been put in does not show on either of the two pages. Could this be related, and if so what has happened?

  anchor 12:49 15 May 2006

It is the same for me. Your server is not finding them based upon your page code; are you sure you have uploaded them into the correct folder and sub-folder. Double check to confirm they are actually on the server, and in the right place.

images/london_web (sub folder for the full size picture)

the root directory, dragonontheweb. com, for the thumbnails

The banner appears it should be in a yet a different sub folder.

  splatter 12:49 15 May 2006

Hi Steve,

this basically means that the picture could not be located at the URL you specified.

Let's start with the banner first.

Right clicking it, and the clicking properties tells me that the page is looking here:

click here

for the banner.

Basically, it is looking for a file called

"london.htm_cmp_expeditn010_bnr.gif" in a folder called '_derived' under the 'root' of your server.

So first of all, make sure banner is named something easy to remember e.g london_06_bnr.gif
(use _ instead of spaces as some browsers may not interperet spaces correctly)

next, put that image in your 'images' folder.

Then all we need to do is call the image. Use the following code:

<img src="/images/london_06_bnr.gif" alt="London-May 2002" />
Use it on both the pages (london.htm and london_photos.htm)

I have said to use .gif, but you really need to use whatever file extension you saved the image as originally. So if you saved it as a jpeg, use .jpg (or .jpeg).

  steve263000 14:03 15 May 2006

is just a Front page banner that same as I have on every page on the site. I put the new pages into the naviagtion the same as the rest, then 'insert banner' and named it as required. So there was no need to save anything for the banner, but thank you anyway.

As far as I know, but I will check again, all images are in the correct folders and sub folders.

  Forum Editor 16:56 15 May 2006

The way to organise your images on the server is to create sub-directories inside the main FrontPage images directory. If you have a page about London, create a sub-directory called 'london' and put all images for that page into it. Name the files london1, london2 etc., and make sure you stick to lower case at all times.

That way your site will be more organised, and problems will be far easier to spot.

Follow fourm member's advice about suffixes, too; use .jpg, not .JPG

  steve263000 17:26 15 May 2006

Thank you for the JPEG hint. I have just saved them as normal, and had not even noticed that they were saved in capitals. Weird. I will change that ASAP.

F.E. Thank you for the advice, but I have already done what you have suggested. Over the years that I have been a member, I have made the odd mistake(odd-lol) and hopefully have learned from them. The london sub-directory was the first thing I did, and the lower case short names was the next. The times I have made that error...... But thank you for you help anyway.

I think after I have renamed the jpg files, I will delete the pages and start again. I will post when or if I have sorted it.

  steve263000 12:06 18 May 2006

Well, the situation is now even weirder if possible. I have resaved the images as jpg instead of JPG and thank you for that forum member. I have now made up two new pages, and the banner still does not show up. However that is not important for now.

I have now uploaded them, and the 'red boxes' are still there. However when I click on them, the photo shows up. So somehow the thumbnail has not got across. It is obviously something simple, but can someone tell me what?

  harristweed 12:17 18 May 2006

The missing thumbnails are not in the root folder.
ht tp : // w w w .dragonontheweb .com/ arch_small2.jpg

but the larger files are in the correct place

ht tp : // w w w web/bigben.jpg

I suspect that the thumbnails are in a folder but the path to them is incorrect in the london_photos.htm page.

  steve263000 14:12 18 May 2006

I have now resaved the thumbnails in the thumbnail directory in front page. I have transfered it all by smartftp, but nothing seems to have changed. Thank you harristweed, but I still cannot get it working,

  beynac 14:44 18 May 2006

The thumbnails appear to be in a directory called "thumbnails". The source code shows pictures named, for example "elephant_small2.jpg" whilst the picture in "thumbnails" is called "elephant_small.jpg" without the "2". See click here

Sorry, but I don't know how to resolve this in Frontpage, but I thought that it would help you to know where they are.

  beynac 07:36 19 May 2006

To clarify my previous post, the page source code gives the path for the thumbnail as src="elephant_small2.jpg". The correct path is src="thumbnails/elephant_small.jpg".

Hope this helps.

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