Red "X" where picture should be

  Dirty Dick 20:01 25 May 2004

Sorry, but I've been struggling for some time with this one. (And i have posted it before)
When I 'Insert picture' into the text part of an e-mail the recipient only receives a red 'x' where the picture should be. If I send the picture as an attachment it arrives ok. In the past I have inserted pictures into the body of the e-mail and it was ok. When recipients reply to me, and my message is returned, the picture can be seen by me. Can anyone help as this is rather frustrating. I'm on XP pro and use Outlook Express as my mail "sender"

  johnnyrocker 20:31 25 May 2004

it would appear that the prob is with the recipient they either dont have java vm enabled or on board, i have also found a similar prob can be created because of a lack of chinese and korean languages strangely enough.


  Dirty Dick 12:40 26 May 2004


Thanks for info, but how do you enable jave vm?

  Stuartli 12:47 26 May 2004

IE's Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab.

Scroll down to Java and check JIT compiler to enable it - also in Multimedia check Show Pictures.

  dagwoood 12:53 26 May 2004

If they haven't got virtual machince on their system, you can download the Jave Runtime Enviroment s/w from

click here

Please note, this is a fair size download, so if your on dial up, it could take quite a while to complete.


  dagwoood 12:55 26 May 2004

My typings terrible.

Should read machine not machince and Java not Jave.


  Dirty Dick 12:56 26 May 2004

Thanks for the info everyone. I'll keep you informed of the progress


  Dirty Dick 10:50 21 Jul 2004

Sorry to come back with this one BUT.....
I've just got a new laptop and when I insert a picture into an e-mail, I send the e-mail through OE 6. The picture is a Gif file (showing a fluttering flag). The recipent opens the message and can view the picture in the body of the message. HOWEVER When I send the same e-mail with the same inserted picture (Gif file) to the same recipient BUT from my DESKYOP PC, he views only a red 'X'. What am I doing wrong

  [email protected] 11:07 21 Jul 2004

I'm probably being very dim but does the recipient have his computer set to receive rich text or plain text? If it isn't set at rich then the pic wont show.

  Dirty Dick 11:09 21 Jul 2004

I've sent the same e-mail from my Desktop PC and my Laptop. He can view the Laptop version but not the Desktop pc version. So I presume his settings are ok?

  Stuartli 13:33 21 Jul 2004

You can send pic file attachments even in Plain Text.

Re Red X. Check IE's Tools>InternetOptions>AdvancedTab>scroll down to MultiMedia to see if Show Pictures is enabled i.e. ticked.

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