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Red X instead of image

  tony-guitar 09:56 25 Nov 2005

I've just received an email with a pic attachment, but instead of opening i just get a blank screen with a red 'X' in top left corner. How do i fix please? No previous probs from this person. Only change is Norton A/V upgrade from 2003 to 2006. System: XP/SP2/Outlook(not express). Any help please

  Devil Fish 10:03 25 Nov 2005

when you open the email check the top of the screen

some email clients will have a message at the top of the incoming message along the lines of certain item/pictures have been blocked to prevent information being sent

If this is the case click on the message then it should allow the picture to be viewed

  tony-guitar 11:20 25 Nov 2005

hi Hamish. Does OE mean Outlook Express? If so i'm not, instead its "Outlook", which probably accounts for me not being able to see the same page you are describing under the 'Security' tab

  tony-guitar 21:44 25 Nov 2005

Hi Hamish, hope you see this. Problem sorted (on this occasion). My work colleague has been working on an illustration using Adobe Photoshop, on a Mac computer and sent the image using CMYK. After converting it to RGB it was fine. Thanks for help anyway

  tony-guitar 20:25 26 Nov 2005

Sorry Palinka. Should have ticked, but since it was an AppleMac problem, i forgot. The scenario is that i am a printer(as in big Heidelberg printing machines) and our repro dept has about 20 'Macs', and i asked a colleague to help me with a logo for my Band.(we are good) But they use Adobe Photoshop using CMYK(cyan,magenta,yellow,black) which Windows doesn't(aparently) recognise. So my colleague converted it to RGB(red,green,blue)which is fine.We didn't realise the prob, until Hamish(Forum member)suggested he emailed himself, which brought the problem to light.

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