Red X

  snowy30 01:10 07 May 2006

There seems to be many web pages lately where all I get is a red X, I even tried altering the security settings to no effect. I have XP SP2 and IE6.


  remind 01:49 07 May 2006

Can you post an example site? Do you run any anti-spyware software?

  snowy30 01:57 07 May 2006

yes I do have spybot and spywareblaster.

went to take a look at that click here website, all I was presented with is boxes with red X's. Not only that, in some cases where I want to view an image I gets the same problem, though I must admit not every website I has trouble with.

  remind 02:00 07 May 2006

Maybe you need the flash plugin installed/re-installed - click here

  snowy30 02:08 07 May 2006


  remind 02:09 07 May 2006

The whole front page is nothing but Flash, horrible for dial up users...
Glad it's sorted

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