Red crosses are driving me crazy

  Jade 14 G 11:47 08 Aug 2006

I am getting the red crosses everywhere.On my own website's as well.
I teach textile art online and when students send in work l need to see it, if l go online and go to a site where there is any pictures its the same, is there anything you can do to get rid of them as it stopping my work., am on XP

  VoG II 11:52 08 Aug 2006
  FelixTCat 11:52 08 Aug 2006


They are place markers for pictures. Either you have set your internet security so that it will not download pictures from a different address from that you are looking at or someone has sent you a file from their computer without sending you the pictures.

Right-click on the red cross and see if the option to view the picture comes up.



  961 11:59 08 Aug 2006

Go through your security programmes one by one as most of them have settings to turn off pictures etc

I'm thinking of IE6, your firewall, your virus checker, your spyware catcher etc

It may well be that more than one is set to block

Go to a site where pictures are being blocked. Turn the security settings down or off one by one and refresh the page. It's unlikely to be the virus checker. Leave that on

  Jade 14 G 12:20 08 Aug 2006

Thanks for helping, went and printed stuff out to go through it Vog but after l read it went back to aol and firefox that l use and had two more crosses so right clicked them and it said select or select all which i did and for the last ten minutes l haven't found one cross and have been going on a lot of sites with lots of pictures that were showing red crosses before l emailed here, they can't have gone just because l right clicked a cross and selected all can it

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