red cross in some pictures via email

  bludywoman 09:33 14 Sep 2006

Can anyone help....occasionally (not all the time)..I receive pictures from friends....but they come through as boxes with red crosses. My current problem, is that someone has sent me some extremely funny pictures, and I want to forward them on to a friend. I have the pictures on my screen (not as attachments....just inserted on the email page....) but when I select to forward these....they show up as the boxes with red my friend cant see them. I am not a whizz on the pc....but can someone explain in an idiot proof way how to resolve this?...many thanks. A

  Jackcoms 09:37 14 Sep 2006

Which e-mail client are you using?

  bludywoman 10:01 14 Sep 2006

HI, using IE on XP home..

  Jackcoms 10:12 14 Sep 2006

No, your e-mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express for example).

IE is your internet browser.

  bludywoman 10:24 14 Sep 2006

...sorry!....I just use wanadoo (now orange's) own it has spam filter already on it.

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