Red Cross on forwarded emails

  pennypooch 11:17 31 Jul 2010

I am running win 7 and using windows live mail. Security is AVG free.
I often receive emails that include pictures which I forward to others.
I can see them perfectly but when forwarded some, not all, of the recipients get a box with a red cross instead of the picture, the text is there though.
When I look in my sent items folder I see the box with the red cross, even though I have been able to see it fully in my inbox.
I have tried changing so many settings that I don't know where I am and checked everything against advice that I have googled for and everything seems correct.
Please help. Thanking you in advance.

  birdface 11:20 31 Jul 2010

make sure you have the latest flash and java updates.
Remove all old ones after downloading latest versions.

  pennypooch 11:28 31 Jul 2010

Thank you.I have all the latest updates as I do it regularly.
Some forwarded pics on some emails appear for everyone, others no.
Could it be that the recipients haven't got the latest flash and java updates and removed the old ones?
It appears correctly for some and not others.
I am beginning to think that it is not a problem with me but the recipients.

  birdface 11:34 31 Jul 2010

Yes it is possible that some of the others do not have the latest updates.
But as I am no expert in this I will leave it for someone else to answer.

  pennypooch 11:36 31 Jul 2010

Thank you.

  pennypooch 12:58 05 Aug 2010

Please has anyone got any more ideas?

  northumbria61 13:03 05 Aug 2010

If most of your recipients are receiving emails with pictures okay and others not then the fault must lie at the recipients end.

  pennypooch 13:16 05 Aug 2010

I did wonder that, I can see them in my inbox but when I look in my sent box the pictures do not appear. It is as though I am filtering them out during the forwarding proccess.
Could the fact that I am using IE on 64 bit make a difference?

  Woolwell 13:20 05 Aug 2010

It would be helpful to know which e-mail program that they are using and whether this happens with all images/photos that they receive.

Outlook Express can automatically block photos see click here

  Woolwell 13:21 05 Aug 2010

IE on 64bit is unlikely to be the cause

  pennypooch 13:26 05 Aug 2010

Thank you, some do get through and some don't. As I have said, it doesn't happen for everybody.

I am using Win Live Mail, could that be the cause?

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