Red Cpu led light and dram led light

  QuWzY-cap 19:05 22 Sep 2018

I am having a problem with my AMD Ryzen 5 2400G cpu(APU) the issue occurring is a red cpu LED light (on the mother board) (X470 AORUS GAMING 5 WIFI) if i press the power button the light comes on 1 time with a beep, and if i hold down the power then it comes on 4 times but the light goes from: cpu dram cpu, on the forth time in quick succession. This machine is 2 months old, i have only gamed on it for a few days since I didn’t use it until i could do my room up and get hold of a kettle lead. So im considering that ive done something with it on software that i have no experience with, maybe chucked it around to much without knowing, i messed with settings a lot in games but couldn’t imagine that would do it harm (i was trying to get a balance of 40 fps and good graphics) the only thing ive done in the cpu software is put it on gaming mode. So im baffled why it is doing this, i shut it down then the next day turned it on but bumped into this problem.

  QuWzY-cap 20:58 23 Sep 2018

Thank you! Yeah ill contact where i got the parts from, i built the pc my self but i think im covered since i got them from scan. I hope ill be ok its my first build but I wouldn’t consider myself a noob. thank you.

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