Recycling problem - SL75KAV

  David-262513 18:09 12 Sep 2006

Have recently picked up a discarded motherboard and processor - Soltek SL75KAV.
Looking to use as basis of a simple/free 'back-up' unit.
Everything works, but it will not recognise the hard drive I connect to it.
Is it a BIOS issue?
What needs to be done?
Is it worth the effort?
Sorry if this is a 'no brain' question or is covered somewhere else, but...some very simple suggestions would be appreciated. I hope to learn from the experience.

  ed-0 19:22 12 Sep 2006

What is the make and model of the hard drive?

Also what is the cpu?

  ed-0 20:30 12 Sep 2006

First thing I would do is to reset the cmos jumper click here Move the plastic jumper on JBAT1. With the machine switched off and the power supply disconnected. take it off pins 1 and 2. Cover pins 2 and 3 for 10 seconds. Replace back on pins 1 and 2.

You have just cleared the cmos / bios.

Try now.

  David-262513 21:14 12 Sep 2006

CPU is a Duron 800 and the hard drive can be either a MaxtorQuantum Fireball 20Gb or a FujitsuMPG3204AT.

  ed-0 21:33 12 Sep 2006

1) have you reset the cmos?

2) shouldn't be a problem with hard drive size then. Has the hard drive a jumper attached, it should be on the 4th from the left, top and bottom.

3) start the computer and enter the bios. Open the standard cmos features page. What are the listings for

primary master

primary slave

secondary master

secondary slave

If the hard drive is not listed, open one at a time and use the IDE HDD auto detection click here

  ed-0 21:38 12 Sep 2006

" Has the hard drive a jumper attached, it should be on the 4th from the left, top and bottom. "

thats if it's a FujitsuMPG3204AT. click here

  David-262513 22:39 12 Sep 2006

Thanks for suggestions so far.
Will not be able to try much before weekend, but you have given me some hope.
The boot up sequence reacts to the F key and goes into a sequence showing the hard drive, but nothing after that except for a request for a system disk.

  David-262513 18:22 16 Sep 2006

Tried the suggestions today and got into the cmos.
Set the date and listed the cd rom and the hard drive [ a 30 Gb Maxtor set as master].
Pressed F10 to exit and save and again it asked for 'system disk'.
What is the system disk?
Is it something for the motherboard or for the Win XP Pro that is loaded on the hard drive?

  ed-0 20:00 16 Sep 2006

" again it asked for 'system disk "

It is saying that the hard drive has no operating system. It is asking for a system disk ( start up floppy or windows c\d disk )to start the installation of windows.

Has it already got a copy of windows on the hard drive, as far as you know. If it has, what version?

  David-262513 09:27 17 Sep 2006

Thanks ed-0!
I think that things are now on the move, so to speak. The problem may not have been very great, but at my level of understanding, the learning curve is very steep anyway.
The tip for clearing the cmos looks very useful and the physical plugging and unplugging of elements has increased my confidence.
Thanks to your help, I now have a very cheap functioning unit.
Any chance you know what the best cpu upgrade for the SL75KAV is?...if I decide to improve it a little.

  Diemmess 09:44 17 Sep 2006

I am using a SL75KAV/-X mobo with a Duron 1200. The manual claims up to Athlon Thunderbird 1.5Ghz or Duron up to 1.2Ghz.

Old hat these days but with plenty of SDRAM works fine !

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