Recycle Bin - unable to clear

  naviator 03:27 24 Jul 2013

I am now getting a message "Cannot delete Df2: It is being used by another person or programme. Close any..." every time I try to empty the bin.

I can remove or restore all files apart from one, by selecting them all together, but not including this one file, and pressing Restore or Delete. Nothing will remove this one file though. It is not being used elsewhere and is not write protected. All other programmes have been closed. Can anyone suggest a solution?

System installed is Windows XP Home Edition.

  Nontek 07:31 24 Jul 2013

Do a normal restart and then try again.

  naviator 11:27 24 Jul 2013

The obvious thing to do was a normal restart and try again and it was the first thing I did. This didn't change anything. However I have moved on slightly. By using cCleaner I got rid of the visible file although cCleaner's summary of results didn't show that it had emptied the bin and the bin icon still shows that it contains something. Selecting "Empty the Recycle Bin" again still gives the same "Cannot delete Df2..." message. Thank you for your response. Perhaps this additional information will give a clue as to the reason for this fault. Not being a technician I don't know, although I am fairly "computer literate".

  Chronos the 2nd 12:01 24 Jul 2013

Have a look here as there are a couple of possible solutions.

  naviator 13:33 24 Jul 2013

Thank you Chronos the 2nd. You did point me in the right direction although the solution shown couldn't be implemented as the file used doesn't exist on my computer. My eventual solution was:- in C:\ scroll down to Recycle Bin, click on it and on the file which then appeared. Delete was then pressed, the file disappeared and the bin icon then indicated that it was empty. Why this file couldn't be deleted in the normal way I don't know.

  Nontek 14:48 24 Jul 2013

Good, thanks for your feedback.

  naviator 23:53 28 Jul 2013

Unfortunately although I managed to clear the bin on 24th July the problem has returned and the method used then doesn't work now.

I have tried to work through Recycler but the only way I can locate it is >start >RunC:\recyler. It doesn't appear on C:\ though even after "Hide hidden system files" has been unchecked. There doesn't therefore seem any way to change it's name to "Recycler.bak" and carry on to delete it in order to generate a new Recycle Bin in which to move the corrupted version.

Does anyone have any other suggestion(s)please?

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