Recycle Bin - Lost Files

  CDL 23:17 11 Nov 2003

When I delete anything it just disappears - apparently from everywhere. It doesn't go via the recycle bin. I have Norton system Works and have tried with protection both on and off: still no files in recycle bin.
When I try and use unerase wizard I get a message to say "Unknown Value in Recycle Bin"

Is this a Windows or a Norton problem.

Even with norton disabled - still no files to recycle bin - just... gone !

  VoG II 23:22 11 Nov 2003

Right cliok the bin, properties. Check that "Do not moves to recycle bin..." is not ticked.

  mark e 23:23 11 Nov 2003

i'm not the only one that has dyslexic fingers?

  CDL 23:26 11 Nov 2003

Checked that out already that VoG, thanks all the same

  VoG II 23:36 11 Nov 2003

Which version of Windows are you using, CDL?

  CDL 23:40 11 Nov 2003

ME. It's been fine in the past - I've just noticed this problem tonight !

  VoG II 23:47 11 Nov 2003

What happens if you create a "rubbish" file and save it to the Desktop, then drag and drop into the bin?

You will gather that I am clutching at straws now.

  CDL 23:54 11 Nov 2003

Yep ! I tried that one too and then did a search for it - nothing !

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