recycle bin empties at log on (xp home)

  hugh-265156 01:35 13 May 2004

i noticed this the other night but then thought i must be imagining things.

when i log in to xp home,my bin empties about 5 seconds after the desktop appears.

i just put a few folders in the bin and restarted to check and sure enough when got to the desktop again the bin emptied before my eyes.

all up to date with AVG spybot,adaware,windows updates etc.

any ideas folks?


  VoG II 07:34 13 May 2004

click here row 64, right hand column. Worth a go anyway.

  temp003 08:00 13 May 2004

Sure you haven't accidentally set some disk cleanup utility to empty the recycle bin at startup?

  rawprawn 09:00 13 May 2004

If you are running Supercleaner, there are tick boxes in both Miscellaneous and Auto to empty the Recycle bin automatically.

  Stuartli 09:27 13 May 2004

You might need to increase the Recycle Bin's storage capacity by right-clicking on its icon and then clicking Properties.

If it is set too low, say five or six per cent, the Recycle Bin empties itself automatically; this doesn't explain why it's every time though...:-)

A utility called Restoration can restore deleted files in the Recycle Bin providing they have not been overwritten. Scroll down this link's webpage to Restoration:

click here

In fact the link could prove invaluable to others as well for various utilities etc.

  hugh-265156 02:24 14 May 2004

sorry for taking so long to reply folks.thanks for the only testing it with a emtpy folder or two sent to the bin.

tried VoGs kellys korner fix and unfortunatly it didnt work.

usually if the file is too big for the bin windows says so and i delete.

my recycle bin is set to take up 2% of a 40gig drive.settings are not the problem i think.

i have tried system restore back as far as it will let me go to 7th may,with the same result.a few seconds after the desktop appears when i log off/on again or restart my bin empties automatically after a few seconds.

im not running any tweaking software of any kind and although i have installed software recently like spybot 1.3,the restore point im using doesnt have it installed at that its not a recent download thats causing the problem i would think.

any more thoughts please would be great.


  temp003 07:07 14 May 2004

You can try deleting the Recycled folder, restart and let Windows recreate it.

Right click Recycle Bin, Properties, tick Do not move deleted items to Recycle Bin. OK.

In Folder Options, show hidden files and folders, and untick Hide protected OS files. OK.

Go to C drive, find the C:\Recycled folder, delete it. You should receive a warning, but just confirm deletion. Restart. Right click Recycle Bin, Properties, and untick the Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. OK.

Then test it again. Delete files, restart, and see if the Bin still gets emptied at startup.

  hugh-265156 18:08 14 May 2004

thanks temp003.

i deleted the recycler folder and restarted.put a few folders in the bin and restarted again.

3 seconds after the desktop appears the bin empties again.

any more ideas folks please before i go mad :-)

  ted bear 19:23 14 May 2004

right click on recycle bin. choose properties and make sure the box thats starts with "do not move files to the recycle bin" is not ticked. also have u used task manager and set it to empty recycle bin ?

  hugh-265156 20:20 14 May 2004

the do not move to recycle bin is not selected.

task manager set to empty you mean scheduled tasks? if so there are no scheduled tasks set to run.

  hugh-265156 00:15 15 May 2004


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