Recycle Bin empties itself!

  TonyV 11:20 26 Jan 2004

This question has been raised before in various guises. However, I will try again. My Recycle Bin appears to empty itself about once a fortnight. What governs the length of time between it emptying itself? There is plety of room on my Hard Disk, and I have the setting set at 10%, though now I have raised it to 20% to see if that helps. On the Properties Window for the Recycle Bin, on the C drive tab, it shows Size of Drive: 1.99gb and the Space Reserved: 204mb. I don't know where these figures come from since my Hard Drive is 14gb and there is something like 10.5gb unused.
Are there some setting adjustments that I am missing?

  gold 47 11:28 26 Jan 2004

Right click the recycle bin and go to properties
and change the settings.

  TonyV 12:48 26 Jan 2004

Gold47. There doesn't appear to be any real changes that can be made to the Recycle Bin apart from the overall amount of space allocated to it. There is no Time Limit setting, so the settings mentioned above are what it is, and I can only think that by increasing the available space there may be some effect. Though I must admit, I would have thought that if it had reached its allowable space, it would have removed the earlier deletions to make space available for new deletions. May be thats too logical!!

  gold 47 14:16 26 Jan 2004

Sorry for not being much help here.


  tafoody 16:41 26 Jan 2004

which version of windows?

have you got the maintenance wizard set to empty recycle bin?

start\programs\system tools\maintenance wizard

  Bapou 19:17 26 Jan 2004

This is from 'Help and Support' in XP Home

To change the storage capacity of the Recycle Bin
On the desktop, right-click Recycle Bin, and then click Properties.
Move the slider to increase or decrease the amount of disk space that is reserved for storing deleted items.

A deleted item that is larger than the storage capacity of the Recycle Bin will not be saved. It will be permanently deleted.

If you want to use different Recycle Bin settings for different drives, click Configure drives independently, and then click the appropriate drive tab to change the Recycle Bin settings for that drive.
If you want to use the same Recycle Bin settings for all drives, click Use one setting for all drives.

  TonyV 19:51 26 Jan 2004

Tafoody. I have Win 98SE. No, Maintenance Wizard is not set to automatically emoty the Recycle Bin.

Bapou. I have increased the available space to 512MB which = 25%. I'll see how this goes. Though in reality, I do not have many deletions that have a big size. There is plenty of Disk space, and I suppose I could increase it to 1gb, but that seems a wee bit over the top!

Thanks for your comments.

  HeddaLora 02:25 27 Jan 2004

You can get Undelete if you want (click here) which has more useful features, IMHO.

  hugh-265156 02:37 27 Jan 2004

see "Damaged or Deleted INFO File" click here

just thinking,stupid question,do you run disk cleanup? this will empty the recycle bin in the process.

  TonyV 13:23 27 Jan 2004

Heddalora, thanks for the suggestion, I've had a look at Executive Software site, but Undelete 4.0. will not operate on WIN98 SE. I've been in touch with them to see what they can come up with.

Huggyg71, I've got hold of the details you suggested and will have a look at them at see if that cures the problem.

Thanks every one.

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