Recycle bin... 01:10 28 Aug 2003

I went to empty my recycle bin, and it was empty. I know it should have been full of deletions but I deleted a couple more, and it is still empty.

I have checked the properties, and the correct box is ticked. I am worried now that if I delete in error I cant retrieve. Any ideas???

Cheers Whiz...

  The Sack 01:14 28 Aug 2003

Windows is like people, it sometimes goes a bit mental, reboot and try again.

You can download some 100% free recovery software from here click here I use it cos you never know do you :-) 11:10 28 Aug 2003

Re-booted, but still same. Luckily enough, I dont need to recover any deleted items, just thinking of the future.

Cheers, Whiz...

  JIM 11:17 28 Aug 2003

Do you have recycle bin checked in the disk clean up menu which would empty on clean up for C/drive?

  temp003 11:22 28 Aug 2003

Find the folder C:\Recycler or C:\Recycled. If you don't see it, enable Show all files, or show hidden files and folders, and in XP, deselect Hide protected operating system files as well. Click OK.

Double click the folder. You should see an icon like the recycled bin icon. Double click that as well. See if the deleted items are there. If so, delete them. Retry the desktop Recycled Bin.

  leo49 11:23 28 Aug 2003

This occurred for no apparent reason with ME and it seems to be continuing with XP.At one time it was one of the most regular queries on the Forum.Never experienced it myself as I disable the recycle bin.

If I remember right, the belt and braces fix was to create a folder on the desktop,drag it into the Recycle Bin,empty the Recycle Bin and the Bin should then function OK.[not quite sure whether a reboot was necessary after emptying - if you can get the Forum search to work, this has come up numerous times]


  JoeC 11:29 28 Aug 2003

method suggested on the forum - for XP - was to go to the C drive and delete the folder marked " Recycler " ( maybe in safe Mode ) then reboot. Windows would then remake the Recycle Bin.
I have not tried it myself though !

  JoeC 11:40 28 Aug 2003

in this article

click here

Typing recycle bin into the search box gives you lots of hits. 22:41 28 Aug 2003

It/s ME I'm using, should have stated that in original post. I will give the ideas above a try, and post back if successful. I did type recycle into the search box but only went back a month maybe thats why I got no help from there.

Thanks again, Whiz...

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