Recurring update ?

  curlylad 22:13 26 Nov 2003

2 weeks ago my critical update notification told me there was a critical update so I viewed it and immediately downloaded it , no problem.
However , every day since then I get the critical update notification informing me that I have a critical update to download , and when I view it , it is the same download.
I am running Win 98SE , and the update it is asking me to download is 'security update for Microsoft Windows (KB819696).'
Has anybody got any idea what in the name of bouncing bullfrogs is going on ?

  Starfox 22:58 26 Nov 2003

This would happen if you cleared your cookies at the end of each internet session.

  Tog 07:44 27 Nov 2003

Deleting cookies, the windows update history, or the update folder made no difference. Go back to the windows update site. There is now a cumulative patch available which will do the biz.

  curlylad 20:46 27 Nov 2003

I run Spybot S&D everyday before I shut down which ties with what you say , but in my amateur view as a computer/web user isn't that a bit of a stupid patch then.You would think that they would have designed a piece of unremovable software to do the job.
Can you take me through step by step to the relavant patch mukka , I would much appreciate.
By the way many thanks to both of you !

  petersmyth1 21:14 27 Nov 2003

I use Windows 98se and I never get update notifications unless I go to the M/S page looking for them. Mind you a few weeks ago I got several emails from "M/S"??? telling me to update. After years of using windows these emails were a new venture for them so I binned them after reading them on Mailwasher so they were never downloaded. I hope these were not the updates you are talking about? :) .......Peter

  powerless 21:19 27 Nov 2003

click here

...You'll need it!

  lucky1 21:44 27 Nov 2003

Perhaps a timely reminder mirroring the recent threads about so called 'updates by email' from Microsoft. Microsoft never send updates by email. Do not open them !

  Tog 07:12 28 Nov 2003

Nothing clever, really, I just click on the Microsoft Update shortcut in the start menu and off it goes.

I had tried to get the KB819696 update to install at least 4 times, following M$ advice and deleting this, that and the other. In the end I gave up, then last week I selected update and there was a cumulative patch available. Being a doubting Thomas sort of chap I installed it then ran update again and the KB819696 update had gone... Huzzah!

  petersmyth1 01:45 29 Nov 2003

Tog save yourself all these up date problems and use another browser. I use Opera after 3 years with IE and wish I'd changed a couple of years ago when I'd found my feet with the computer but because it was there I used it for too long. It was the pop up adverts and continual upgrades for security reasons that made me change. Now I've got a faster more secure browser. I still have to use IE to access my online bank, it's Irish :-),the 2 browsers work in the same PC so download Opera, it's free, and try it. If you don't like it uninstall it and you're back to where you were.

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