recurring app crash security notice

  Purple Sue 09:50 19 Jan 2013

my Mcafee security repeatedly throws up a 'host has stopped working' alert, offering to close the problem or check on line for a solution. it says it is an APPCRASH with an app 'alerth~1.exe'. I have no idea what this is (I have googled that name but nothing comes up) and worry that it is an exe file.

any ideas? I have not installed anything recently (except java update).

working with Chrome; also got stupid 'incredibar' I cant shake after downloading a font. grrrr

  mgmcc 12:52 19 Jan 2013

The filename alerth~1.exe has been truncated to the old DOS 8.3 format in Mcafee's alert and is possibly alerthelper.exe, an application in ASUS PCs, if that's what you have.

For further information, have a look at this page which suggests uninstalling AlertHelper if it becomes a problem.

  Purple Sue 10:30 20 Jan 2013

Thanks mgmcc - I have an Advent laptop, not sure what ASUS pc is? when I follow to that link McAfee throws a wobbly and says 'Whoa!' (exact word lol!) and is worried site shows 'risky behaviours'. went there anyway...says alert helper can be removed - but no sign of it in add/remove programs in control panal; also when I searched programme files, no sign of anything with name'alert'. I think my motherboard is a realtek-azalia (?) any other ideas?

Thanks, PurpleSue

  mgmcc 12:09 20 Jan 2013

Any references to AlertHelper that I can find seem to point to ASUS branded PCs or motherboards but, as you have neither, that doesn't really help.

There was one reference to it being installed with the Avant Browser; do you have that installed?

In the page that I linked to previously, there was a picture of Task Manager with AlertHelper shown in the list of running processes. If you go into Task Manager, is it listed?


  Purple Sue 21:46 20 Jan 2013

Gosh you are being so helpful, but I keep drawing blanks!

I cannot see Avant anywhere under 'uninstall programmes'; I have also searched under 'program files' and nothing called Avant either. drat!

since logging back on this evening, the alert has not yet shown itself; nothing under task manager yet either. if the alert come up, I will look in task manager again.

other than that do you think system restore is best move?

  mgmcc 11:35 21 Jan 2013

If the error message doesn't come up again, I'd be inclined to leave well alone.

There is a link above the message editor on this page to "Fix Appcrash", which might be worth a try if the problem does reoccur. I don't know anything about it though.

  Purple Sue 22:28 21 Jan 2013

Oh yes, so there is!

leaving well alone for now. I managed to properly uninstall nasty malware 'incredibar' yesterday - possibly linked. Just glad it has stopped. Thank you so much for your time and support :-)

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