Recovery media corupt

  on the nose 14:37 21 May 2006

My computer as a built in recorvery system, that allows you to but back all the files, without losing any data,or i can refomat it with my 4 discs i made when i bought the computer from new, which is 15 months old.My problem is when i use the built in feature,when its putting all the files in you get a message saying problem in extrracting process files, then i press ok, then a few minutes later it will come up again saying same thing, put differnt files.When i format it and put the discs in, same thing happens,so ive got a computer with files missing and certain things dornt work on my computer,i phoned pc performance, and they say my recovery media is corupt and my discs i made are corupt to,they say they can not get hold of any discs for my computer a patriot,so what else can i do to get computer like its just been bought from the shop. thanxs on the nose

  MichelleC 15:10 21 May 2006

You may have system files missing. As you don't have a full installation disc you'll have to run sfc (system file check) without one. Here's a link to show you, just scroll down click here

BTW is sp2 installed?

  RicScott 16:46 21 May 2006

Patriot are available, there's just a back order for them due to the version 4 recovery that this machine uses.

Try running a 4,5,7 on the PC, this will delete the recovery partition on the HDD.
To access this boot off the CD and press Control and Backspace at the 'Press R to display recovery...'

Are you presented with 3 options when you boot off your CD?? Press R for recovery, F to format and Q to quit??

If so, once you have run a 4,5,7 you will be asked for an update CD - Press [CANCEL] at this point and try to complete the recovery.

Basically the 4,5,7 is an easyway of running FDISK /MBR, FDISK and FORMAT.

If you get stuck, call the PCP helpline again (PC Performance), and they will talk you through this. It's a standard procedure for them.

There is a possibility that your recovery partition on the HDD is corrupt. This is not uncommon, but if you goto.. click here fill out the online form, the disc will be with you as soon as they get some in stock.

Hope this helps.

  on the nose 18:43 21 May 2006

Thanxs for your help ill, wait for the discs to arrive ive been wating 4 weeks,when 6 weeks arrive they have got to replace it, or take it to pc world to be repaired,RicScott how you know about the discs,you have same problem.
Thanxs on the nose

  RicScott 19:32 21 May 2006

I work as a PC technician for a company called WHISTPC..but that's another story..

We have to keep an eye on everything repair related, plus we have insiders at PCSC who keep us upto date with everything there.

Don't want to put a damper on things but..
Your coverplan doesn't include software, and the recovery discs are classed as software.
DSGi will send you a copy as a goodwill gesture but I doubt very much that Coverplan will honour a 6 week rule on this basis. PCSC do admit to an issue in getting the CDs out to customers but they are available. Unlike some Emachine models where the Recovery discs for them are no longer available. A lot of emachine owners are basically told to buy their own Operating System.

  on the nose 08:57 24 May 2006

Hi im back again,if i get a windows home edition xp disc could i use this,it worn't mess my computer up will it.

  RicScott 19:35 08 Aug 2006

sorry for the delay...

Yes you can use it, you will just have to download additional drivers from the internet for things like Modem, soundcard, Video drivers etc..

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