recovery disk for Windows 7

  Jove45 13:36 18 Feb 2010

My new HP Probook 4710s has Windows 7 preinstalled but no Win7 OS disk.
How do I make a sytem recovery disk?
I've tried the 'create system repair disk' utility but it states that the files needed are not on my hard disk!
It then asks me to insert the Win 7 OS disk (that I don't have!).
How can I make a suitable recovery disk under these circumstances?
Any help would be much appreciated.

  johndrew 15:15 18 Feb 2010

I have never had a unit manufactured by HP but a few points come to mind.

Have you checked manual; it should be on the C: drive?

Another option is the manufacturers web site; look for either FAQs or a Customer Service link.

Sometimes the recovery disk is on a hidden partition or stored as an ISO file. Check in `My Computer` and set the `Folder Options` to display hidden files.

  john bunyan 15:30 18 Feb 2010

See here:
click here
And Google Windows 7 recovery disk!!

  sharpamat 16:44 18 Feb 2010

After Id loaded everything, I used Win7 to make an image to my external drive and a recovary disc to boot from that

  john bunyan 16:49 18 Feb 2010

As well as a w7 disc I have an Acronis True Image image and recovery disc.

  sharpamat 16:50 18 Feb 2010

Not wise to post the same question on different forums you have the same one on windows 7

  robin_x 23:32 18 Feb 2010

Isnt't recovery disc just a single boot disc with various recovery stuff?

To also replicate your Recovery Partition (incl Windows) needs 3 DVDs. Buy good ones not supermarket own brand.

Click Start and start typing "Recovery Disc Creation" in the search box. The correct icon will popup.

You can only make one set.

Care of discs:

I have various important CDs/DVDs which I keep in my desk drawer and dont use often.

All of them end up with scratches, in spite of being hardly used and stored in individual cases. I blame the mice in my drawer. ;-)

My old Windows XP Gold Disc has a few corrupt files on it.

I get abort/retry/fail.

Thank God I made a clone of the CD when I bought it. I change the disc and retry and it carries on.

But the clone has other faults...thank God I made a second clone.

In total, when I used to do a clean install on my laptop (without recovery partition) it took all 3 cds.

So the moral is. Make backups of backups.


When you finished messing with the new PC and got it more or less as you want it...

Backup and Restore and make a system image.
(USB Ext HDD preferable)

Partition Wizard can make copies of your RP. So you have a copy on HDD as well as DVDs

  robin_x 23:36 18 Feb 2010
  Devil Fish 00:09 19 Feb 2010

usually hp / compaq will have a utility installed on the machine that will allow you to make a recovery disk

look through all the preinstalled hp stuff im sure you will find it

  Jove45 14:28 19 Feb 2010

I've tried almost everything posted here but with no success.
When I try to make a recovery disk using the Win7 utility, it tells me that the files I need to create the disk are not on my hard drive and I need to insert the Win7 OS disk (that I don't have!).
I've tried the HP website for help but it's pretty useless!
I've sent several emails requesting help but I get no response.
I'll try searching the hard drive for hidden iso files but if I find them, I don't know how to use them.
I've made a system back up using the Win7/HP backup utility but all I want is a bootable DVD to allow me to recover from any potential catastrophic sytem failure, i.e. the system won't boot from the hard drive.

  retep888 15:28 19 Feb 2010

<<When I try to make a recovery disk using the Win7 utility, it tells me that the files I need to create the disk are not on my hard drive and I need to insert the Win7 OS disk (that I don't have!).>>

I think you've used the wrong utility,this time use Create a system image instead of Backup,put the image on a different partition or best on an extrenal hard drive or if you prefer on several DVD-Rs.

At the end of the process you'll be asked if you want to create a bootable media ,click yes and insert a CD-R into the DVDRW drive,this is the bootable DVD(media)you were looking for to recover from the system image created.

Alternatively if you follow robinofloxley's instruction using the <<Click Start and start typing "Recovery Disc Creation" in the search box>>,that will take you to HP's auto image backup procedure.

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