Recovery Disk, Is their another option?

  bryrach 16:18 14 Apr 2005

My daughters HP Pavilion PC has crashed big time.
She's somehow lost the recovery disk. Is there a way to get the PC back up and running without the recovery disk e.g. using another, say my Acer recovery disk to do a complete reformat? Or is purchasing a new recovery disk the only option? Thanks in advance.

  recap 16:26 14 Apr 2005

Without the original recovery disc I do not htink this is possible.

Can you not do a restore?

Boot up in to Safe mode and select the last known good configuration.

  bryrach 16:34 14 Apr 2005

Won't let me do that. On turning on it asks which mode you want. Choose safe mode and the blue screen appears, then restarts the PC and goes through the same procedure. We're going round and round in circles. Ta anyway recap

  PsiFox 16:40 14 Apr 2005

Your acer disk will not work in the hp machine.

Your options are

1 Buy another recoverey set

2 Buy windows xp and find all the drivers you require

1 is cheaper

  ventanas 16:44 14 Apr 2005

I've seen this before, when you turn the thing on it stalls at the boot menu, asking for Last known good etc..., Safe Mode, Normal etc. etc.

Whichever one you choose you get dumped back where you were. Its happened to me three times on three different machines, and I have never cured it. Only option is to reformat and reinstall. So you need a new disc. Contact HP and see what they say. I once bought an additional disc for an Advent just in case. it was only £5.

  bryrach 21:29 14 Apr 2005

Thanks to all. My daughter will just have to purchase a new recovery disk after all.

  pat2068 22:54 14 Apr 2005

i have a hp pavilion and i phoned hp and they sent me out a set of five recovery disks with no charge phoned 0870 0104320 and reveived within 7 days no charge leo

  woodchip 22:58 14 Apr 2005

Her best bet would be to buy a XP disc if that's what is on the computer you will then only have to use it to repair the Operating System. More than likly XP home. plus the disc is there if she does not lose it. for next time

  Granger 15:49 15 Apr 2005

I work for HP (but not as a techie). If you email me I'll pass your address on - we have a special route to pass customer issues like this. Unless you've already got the help you need that is!

  Granger 15:53 15 Apr 2005

Idiot, I didn't notice you'd ticked the thread solved!

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