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Recovery Disk should be latest available?

  manrow 11:02 20 Feb 2013

I created a recovery disk when I bought my laptop new 18 months ago. Do I need to create a new one before attempting to reinstall Windows Vista,or would the 'old' one suffice?

  northumbria61 11:11 20 Feb 2013

The recovery disk that you created when you purchased your laptop will have all you require on it so no need to create a new one.

  lotvic 11:13 20 Feb 2013

Depends on the make and model of your laptop, and the program used to make recovery disk.

Some only give you one chance to make full system recovery disks - usually you need more than 1 dvd.

Are you sure you have got a full system recovery disk? some are just a boot disk to enable pc to boot into the factory hidden restore partition on hard drive.

Why do you need to reinstall Vista?

Please give us more details.

  manrow 11:22 20 Feb 2013

I understood that periodic reinstall of Windows was beneficial from time to time, especially when the laptop has now become very sluggish in operation. I had intended to save all my essential files to an external hard disc, and then reinstall Vista.

  onthelimit1 11:40 20 Feb 2013

'I understood that periodic reinstall of Windows was beneficial from time to time'

It can be, but usually a clear-up with Ccleaner, a run with Malwarebytes and a defrag will make a big difference.

  lotvic 18:00 20 Feb 2013

I agree with onthelimit1, do a clean up first and see if that improves performance.

  woodchip 18:26 20 Feb 2013

I think you have only one chance at creating a Rescue Disc, that is when You first start PC and set it up

  woodchip 18:28 20 Feb 2013

After saving your Personal Files, Just start Laptop with Recovery VD in the Drive, this will over-right the Partition with the Recovery Image that you Created when you got it

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