Recovery Disk Priblem

  badgermansix 09:07 19 Mar 2006


I have had to use my Recovery Disks(2 of them)

I altered Bios settings for starting - cd rom, hd, and floppy.

Ghost started the recovery o.k. but when it got to about 75% of the loading, it stopped and informed me that it could not open Ghosterr.txt. application error 437

No option but to click o.k. then it took me back to dos Abort, Retry, Fail.

I'm now stuck.

I have made a complete backup on another drive, but I will just get back to the problem that I had originally.

Any ideas please?

  rawprawn 09:17 19 Mar 2006

Sorry if I am misunderstanding you but why are you using Ghost and not your XP Disc?

  rawprawn 09:29 19 Mar 2006
  badgermansix 09:59 19 Mar 2006

hello rawprawn, as I understood it, the recovery disc would put my PC back to the way it left the shop (Holly, that did a runner last year and left loads of people in the ....)
This would include the drivers etc for progs that were installed at the same time, like open office, nero, etc. thus saving me the time reinstalling myself.
It is ghost that opens when I start the recovery disc.

thanksI will look at this.

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