Recovery discs - Errors on HD - BSOD

  AFoxyLady 14:34 14 Feb 2010

Just a general question. I have been getting a Blue Screen on my main computer (running XP) I have given up and passed it over to a computer savvy friend. He has been able to start it and run some some checks, and has advised there are errors on the HD, and better that I have a new hd and at the same time some more ram. But a couple of questions.

I have the 7 original Recovery discs that I made when I purchased the machine. How do these actually work? Do they need to be used on the "broken" hd - or could they be used on any new HD installed?

Just a little understanding of how they work would be good. The system was an HP media - with tv card etc.

  howard64 14:47 14 Feb 2010

most recovery disks will work with any hard drive and will put the pc back to how it was when the recovery disks were made. Any progs or instructions since that time will be lost. Some back up your data at that time as well as the system but most just restore the pc operating system, progs that were installed and the motherboard drivers etc. your data will be totally lost which is why people are advised to back up their data regularly.

  AFoxyLady 14:53 14 Feb 2010

Thanks for that - I am not worried about the data as all that was/is important has been backed up - and to be honest as the system is around 5 years old, it has plenty of the usual "rubbish" that gets installed and then not used and forgotten. A clean start would be good. Just the original settings and the original software that was on it when I purchased it with the operating system.

Might consider upgrading from XP to Windows 7 - depends howmuch the "repair" is going to be.

If we have the new HD installed , use the restore etc, then in a while upgrade to 7 - will it then ask me to make some new recovery disks for the new os?

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