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  TORA 11:20 04 Dec 2004

Are pre-installed XP PCs now being sold without a Recovery Disc?

A Friend, a Senior Citizen, treated himself to a new Packard Bell and got into a mess.
I tried to help him out but it was, in my opinion, better to go back to the original at this early stage; that is the Factory installation set up.
No Recovery Disc.

He has gone back to PC World and they are fixing it.
But my question remains, are Recovery Discs no longer issued with new PCs?

  Technotiger 11:24 04 Dec 2004

Hi, depends who you buy from, your experience is the norm for most, unless you insist on having it included when you order. On the other hand, my friend bought on-line from Dell and not only received a Sealed Original XP Disk, but also all original disks with Word etc. With everything pre-installed and ready to go! lol

  Technotiger 11:25 04 Dec 2004

ps: I placed my friend's order via my pc and we were both surprised by full delivery following day!

  Djohn 13:07 04 Dec 2004

As far as I'm aware they are still included in the package. Are you sure there is not a CD that is titled "Restore" or "Recovery" disk? This is then inserted into the drive and gives access to a hidden partition of the hard drive to restore back to a clean system, as first bought.

  outlawbabs 13:24 04 Dec 2004

I bought a HP,XP preinstalled.During set up I had to make 6 recovery cds.....ok it couldve gone on 1 DVDr, cept i didnt have any lol.But it seems to be the norm now NOT to include OS discs.....or decent manuals come to that!I did get a worksuite dvd tho.

  woodchip 13:56 04 Dec 2004

If he as a Burner then get Acronis True Image, or Norton Ghost and Create is own image recovery disc. While the Computer is Fresh

  colberly 14:00 04 Dec 2004

I think more often than not Packard Bell PC's are sold without a recovery CD, but there is usually a floppy supplied which will reurn the OS to factory settings. I do know when I purchased mine several years ago with ME preinstalled this was the case, but they usually have system restore and smart restore installed.

  JYPX 17:19 04 Dec 2004

Tora - Please don't start me off on the subject of Recovery Partitions and the reason for their existence....(to save Packard Bell about 10 pence)
Here is an earlier thread click here

  Djohn 18:10 04 Dec 2004

often said regarding recovery or restore CD's. Many users of this forum including myself would prefer not to have them, we can format our hard drives and install programs/applications to our hearts content, make slight adjustments here and there or major ones and when/if things go wrong either fix the problem or wipe the lot and start again.

I too have DI7 [Drive image 7] which does pretty much the same thing but to a higher standard plus of course if we remember to make the regular backups, we lose nothing except the last day or weeks data since the last backup.

There are though many hundreds, even thousands of people who buy a PC to do a specific task and have no interest in the workings of the system. When things go pear shape all they want is for their PC to be working again, just like it was the first day they bought it. Fast and without problems. For these people a restore/recovery disk can be a life saver.

They do not need to worry about formatting a drive - installing programs/applications then looking for the correct disk and searching through it to find the correct driver for various bits of hardware, once found attempting to install it and then set it up to work to its best. They do not have access to forums such as PCA, only a call to a Technician or a trip back to the shop to have the system fixed for them, at quite a cost to themselves in time and money.

My Brother - in -law who lives some 200 miles from me bought a second hand PC of low specification that was constantly causing problems, he was never off the phone to me asking how to put something right after installing some application or other from a CD or from a download. These calls would often last for hours as I slowly and patiently talked him through the routine of checking, removing and then finding files to replace the corrupt ones.

He came up to visit me early this year and we went round to PC World to purchase a complete new system, it came with a Recovery CD. I explained to him that he could now play about as much as he wanted, alter as many settings as he wished, download or install from CD as many programs as he could find then if it all went wrong take out the one CD from his box insert it into the drive make two clicks of the mouse sit back and watch as the system was restored to the exact same state as it was now, fresh from the store.

He was over the moon with this information and though he still phones me regular it is never for help with his PC. He has messed things up big time on two occasions but within thirty minutes the system was restored back to pristine condition without any help from me. In a way he has learned quite a lot by going this route and in a couple of years time when ready for his next PC, he may go the route of having separate CD's for the O/S and programs because he will by then understand his machine much more than he does now but I have a feeling that he will still want to go the same way as now, just a recovery CD to "Fix"his PC.

His enjoyment of using a PC is writing letters, sending/receiving emails and surfing the net. He has now bought himself a camera and is thrilled that he can take as many photo's as he wants then print them out or email them to me or other friends. He still has no interest in how the system works, only that it does every time, all the time with the knowledge that if it does go wrong he is only two mouse clicks away from restoring it back to new.

Having a restore disk is not for everyone, we like to have full control of everything ourselves plus the fact we like to add other hardware and upgrade almost as soon as we have bought the system but for many people who use a PC purely for the enjoyment of what a PC can do, then having a restore or recovery disk can be a blessing.

  Technotiger 18:20 04 Dec 2004

Wow, what ever happened to the 800 word limit? I estimate 3750 words here ... lol ... not complaining, just a comment, please don't take offence .......

  Djohn 18:24 04 Dec 2004

No offence at all. I was just tapping away and when I posted I was surprised myself at how much was there :o)

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