Recovery disc won't boot

  sparrowman 12:10 12 May 2009

I have set my bios to boot from cd but pc still boots to windows system. There a 3 options for boot and all are set to cd yet noo success with disc. I did get one message = "can't find boot manager" Any suggestions please. Thanks.

  mgmcc 13:16 12 May 2009

Is the CD definitely "bootable"?

Is the CD/DVD drive working reliably?

If prompted to "Press any key to boot from CD", have you done this before it goes on to boot from the hard drive?

  sparrowman 19:24 12 May 2009

Hi thanks for reply.
Yes definitely, it was supplied by pc manufacturer and I have used it previously. I did press enter to "boot from cd" but it won't respond and goes into windows. My bios is set to boot from cd on all 3 options but it still opens in windows. DVD drive is working because it will recognise my win XP disc and will boot to it.

  lotvic 19:32 12 May 2009

try tapping (several taps) the space bar instead of pressing Enter

you may be just 'missing the mark' when you do the 'press any key'

  jolorna 21:42 12 May 2009

are you shutting the computer down after inserting the cd & then switch on again which is what mine requires

  tullie 22:27 12 May 2009

You cant boot from cd unless you do it that way

  phono 22:45 12 May 2009

"You cant boot from cd unless you do it that way"

I have to disagree, a simple reboot will allow you to boot from CD, there is no need to shut down and switch on again.

  tullie 22:48 12 May 2009

Thats what i meant

  phono 23:14 12 May 2009

Sorry, must have misunderstood you. <:^(

  woodchip 23:17 12 May 2009

try tapping F8 as it boots look to see if its in the list

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