Recovery (D:) is full, can i empty it?

  andy63walsh 06:47 30 Jul 2012

Recovery D: (10gb) says it is full, what does it do, can I empty it? All my stuff is in C: ?

  sharpamat 06:56 30 Jul 2012

Be Sure of what it contains first. On many systems recovary D is where the files are if you need to restore your system.

Deleating it or the contents may leave you with many problems at a later date

I would suggest you obtain an external drive and transfer sume saved items to that

  Taff™ 06:57 30 Jul 2012

This sounds like the recovery partition which is normally hidden but about the right size. If you delete it you will lose the ability to return the PC to factory settings. You could copy the partition to an external drive so in theory you could put it back if required.

The alternative is to ensure that you have burnt the recovery DVD's for the system. In truth, do you need this space for something else? If you do it would perhaps be better to buy a larger HDD and clone the existing partitions (C&D) to the larger drive thereby keeping the information intact.

  andy63walsh 06:59 30 Jul 2012

I just put windows 7 on it, nothing on it is needed, we copied all the files we wanted, so it can go back to empty?

  birdface 07:55 30 Jul 2012

Most laptops come with a back to factory settings like Taff™ says.I have one on my desktop that says 30Gb and 10Gb free that is the recovery partitian that came with the computer.

Mine shows when going into my computer as Recovery D.

  birdface 08:41 30 Jul 2012

Just put W/7 on it.

What were you using before that, maybe the recovery was for your old operating system.

  andy63walsh 11:46 30 Jul 2012

it must be the old op system, yes, if i delete it there is nothing i need there, i assume it might make a new backup of the new one ?

  Taff™ 13:18 30 Jul 2012

No. It will just be an extra 10Gb of storage space. You could use a partition manager and format it and then merge it with the main partition.

One point that buteman may be alluding to is that if you used an upgrade disk to install W7, as opposed to a full retail version, you may need the old operating system re-installed to use the upgrade disk again.

  andy63walsh 13:20 30 Jul 2012

i see, thanks

  robin_x 13:23 30 Jul 2012

It could be of use if you ever sell the system.

If you delete it, it would only be recreated from the original set of Recovery DVDs.

(Upgrade disk can be used with a blank drive. It's not necessary for the old OS to be there. Plenty of guides around. eg here)

  andy63walsh 10:16 12 Aug 2012

I have Easeus Partition Master v3.5 Ultimate Edition, will this do it?

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