Recovering Laptop Data with External Device

  The Potter 23:30 26 Nov 2012

Is this posible? On the assumption I have killed my laptop through spilling wine on it (see other post: I have killed my laptop, haven't I), I am hopeful of saving the data on the hard drive (only a few files required).

In this day and age is there some gizmo I can buy to do the job? It's a Toshiba laptop and the HD doesn't get power from a cable but rather a semi circle shaped bit of metal. I believe it won't fit my other laptop because of this.

Once again I'm highly doubtful but live in hope.


  lotvic 00:35 27 Nov 2012

Easiest way is to hook it up as an extra drive to your tower pc (if you have access to one). scroll down to middle of page, it's a toshiba sata drive in the example. Or you could connect it with a cable to a usb port (see link below for pic)

If you only have access to another laptop then you will need a sata to usb cable like this one: pic of cable as it is a 2.5 hard drive you do not need an extra power source as the usb will provide the power.

You will be able to browse the contents of the old harddrive and copy the files you want to the other harddrive. If you got a caddy you could continue using the old drive as an external Harddrive.

  lotvic 00:49 27 Nov 2012

This is a better example and info for sata to usb adaptor StarTech cable "2.5in SATA hard drives don't require a power adapter, as drives can be powered from USB 2.0 cable" Amazon have plenty of choice,for more just do a google for: sata to usb cable

  The Potter 01:05 27 Nov 2012

Oh my, this is the stuff of my dreams! I haven't researched the last but that looks like it will be the cheapest answer, I do have tower pcs if needed though :) :) :)

Thank you so much, I'm celebrating my birthday later today and you just erased a MASSIVE concern from my head. My birthday is on Wednesday and that is when I will be digging deeper into what you have given me links for and hopefully buying the answer.

THANK YOU for a wonderful birthday present :)


NB: Fingers tightly crossed that I was punished enough by potentially killing the laptop - NOT losing the data (PC's rule hey?!).

  The Potter 01:08 27 Nov 2012

Sorry, can't see where to click to say the question has been answered wonderfully.

  lotvic 01:16 27 Nov 2012

Happy Birthday x

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  The Potter 01:41 03 Dec 2012

Hmm, seems I have a problem. I brought something similar to this one here:

My HD connection would need to connect to the bit on top but the plastic around it is too thick to actually connect to my HD. If it isn't too much to ask, please could someone show be what might work for under £10 in the UK? I am happy to install in a PC if need be.

  The Potter 01:47 03 Dec 2012

NB: If it helps and if it is possible, I can take a photo and upload it of the HD connection part next to a ruler. Please forgive my ignorance, laptop HDs aren't in my field of experience. :(

  retep888™ 10:06 03 Dec 2012

Package Contents: 1 x SATA/IDE to USB Adaptor Cable

Looks like no SATA cable was included, you'll need one like this click here or borrow one from your desktop if there is a spare.

Only the IDE connections which you don't need extra cables.

  woodchip 10:43 03 Dec 2012

Your Laptop Hard Drive most likely as a clip round it that needs removing before you can connect it to a cable or caddy

  The Potter 23:47 03 Dec 2012

retep888™ - thank you, that looks exactly like what I need :)

woodchip - thankfully I haven't embarassed myself there - I removed the case the HD sits in ;)

Fingers tighty crossed once again ..... thank you for your responses.

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