Recovering FDF files

  lintony 12:21 21 Jul 2005

Can anyone tell me how to recover a PDF file from a corrupt floppy disc.

I have 2 years worth of research into my family history on a floppy disc. My computer crashed while the floppy disc was in the drive and since then there are about 4 pages (a whole generation of ancestors) in the middle of 26 pages that I cannot open. Because of these pages, I cannot export the information into my genealogy software. It would mean having to key all this information in to the software again.


  pj123 14:04 21 Jul 2005

Oh sh**. you are in trouble. Did you not back it up to somewhere else as well as on the floppy?

There are a lot of data recovery firms but they charge an awful lot of money to do it. They mostly only recover from hard disks though.

You could try some of these:

click here

  lintony 14:16 21 Jul 2005

I had it saved to my hard drive, but of course when my computer died on me, I had to have the hard drive it reformatted and lost everything.

I thought that I was being smart saving it to a floppy disc, then you know the rest of the story.

  pj123 15:17 21 Jul 2005

I think you were being smart as well copying them to a floppy. I have two hard drives in my computer, one with the operating system and applications on and the other with all my files/data etc. If I ever have to reformat my C: drive I do not lose any of my files. They are also backed up regularly to another hard drive which is taken out of the computer and stored.

  bertiecharlie 16:09 21 Jul 2005

GUYIPDFTK v0.4 (Freeware) repairs PDF Files click here (The download is only available from the Softpedia Mirror on the download page.) Click on Repair a PDF and it will prompt for the source of the file which can be your floppy drive. If it's successful, it creates a PDF of the same name with "fixed" after it in the same directory.

You can also burst the PDF into individual pages with the programme. The pages are placed into a new folder with the same name as the original PDF.

  bertiecharlie 16:19 21 Jul 2005

I should have said that repairing or bursting the file leaves the original in tact.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 21 Jul 2005

Floppy recovery click here
Drive Rescue click here

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