Recovering data from my Samsung laptop

  Rascacielossoton 22:21 14 Jan 2018

I broke the screen of my Samsung laptop but the computer itself is still working. I want to recover the files from it and it was suggested to me that the easiest way to do this would be to connect it via HDMI to a TV/monitor. What kind of connector would I need for this? (Cheap examples on ebay/amazon would be great!)


  wee eddie 22:42 14 Jan 2018

Before anything else. It should be possible to replace the screen for less than £100.

If you would like to continue using the Hard Drive as a backup device for any other computer you might have. You can buy an Enclosure for less than £20. Take the Hard Drive out of your Laptop and install it in your new case. Most are USB2 at that pricepoint. Plug it into your new Laptop and transfer the contents

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 17 Jan 2018

What exact model laptop you need to make sure it has an HDMI output port.

then its just a matter of buying a HDMI cable from ADS / Tesco for about £8

or if you have a DVD player connected to your TV use the cable off that.

You may hae to press a couple of keys to switch from LCD screen to external screen its Fn + one of the F keys that has a blue squre / screen symbol.

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