Recovering Data From Laptop Hard Drive in My pc

  WhoopyBoldBerg 17:08 21 Nov 2007

hi all.....i have a bit of a problem ...a friend of mine has asked me to take alook at a laptop of his that he uses for his Bussiness (tax returns) and the odd photo etc .....he said the laptop had smoke commin out of it and now does'nt work...i have tried finding out what is wrong with it and have now given up ....and i have now taken the old 2.5" hard drive out and put it into a caddy that is on usb and conected it to my home computer....the hard drive does'nt show up in my Compter i have gone to disk managment and check that it is in there and it is ...the only trouble is says that the disk is not initialized and that i need to do this before i can access it..the only trouble is i need the information off it ...will initilizing it blank its contence and if so there any other way of accessing it...??? Plz Help

  PalaeoBill 11:37 22 Nov 2007

It sounds like a problem with the master boot record and partition table. Don't let XP initialize the drive, this would overwrite the partition table and all of the file allocation information.

Can you see the drive in a DOS prompt?
If I'm teachin egg sucking sorry!
Click Start->Run-> and type in 'Command'
then just type in the drive letter e.g. 'F:' of the drive and see if you can get a directory listing. (i.e. type 'DIR' and press the enter key).
If you can see files, use the XCOPY command to copy them to another drive.

If this doesn't work then you are at the mercy of data recovery companies that can rebuild the missing info on the drive. It is worth trying your local computer maintenance places as they are often much cheaper than the big commercial guys.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 22 Nov 2007

Recover Lost partitions
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  stylehurst 13:57 22 Nov 2007

Try using a Linux recovery disk to see if you can access the faulty HDD.
Probably tthe best site to try is the following
click here

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