recovering data from a hard disk password protecte

  Astrix 12:11 06 Mar 2006

Windows XP pro

Pls some one tell me how can i recover data from a hard disk protected with a password. Because windows xp doesn't work. So I connected my hard disk with a another macine to recover my data & reinstall system. But my account was protected with a p.word & I have it. Now when I try ro opent, copy or move my doc to a another folder windows does not allowing. pls help to recover data. Thanks in advance

  yabadabado 13:38 06 Mar 2006

create a new user on the other machine with the same username/pw as was the original and see if you can access the data that way.

  Astrix 13:58 06 Mar 2006

Thanx so much. But it does not worked

  ventanas 14:16 06 Mar 2006

Re-creating the user won't work as Astrix has discovered. Each user has a unique SID (security identifier) assigned to them. This SID will never be the same twice, therefore you cannot access the files. (this assumes the drive is ntfs) You can try logging in as an administrator and taking ownership of the files. Once logged in right click the files or folder and choose Properties. Click the Security tab, then the Advanced button. Click the Owner tab. From here you can transfer ownership of the file.

If you have created your user account on the other machine as an administrator you should be able to access the files without any of this. You haven't used the file encryption provided with XP have you? If this is the case then I'm afraid that the different SID means that you can never gain access to the files.

  ventanas 14:21 06 Mar 2006

Another possibility is to turn on Simple File Sharing. This may gain you access.

  Astrix 14:48 06 Mar 2006

Mthanx so much. I'll try & let u know.

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