Recovering Data

  frankieman 11:29 15 Apr 2003

I mistakenly placed a Windows start-up disk after having problems booting-up my PC.
My worry is now that obviously on boot-up it says there is a Disk I/O error Replace the disk then press any key, surely if i put my start up disk in i will have to format again to get my PC running thus causing me to lose all data, is there a way around this where I could save my data, before really having to resort to Fdisk and Format.

  Gman 11:32 15 Apr 2003

You can overwrite windows without formatting and it will only replace Windows files not your personal files. What version of Windows are you using by the way.

  DieSse 11:34 15 Apr 2003

"obviously on boot-up it says there is a Disk I/O error"

If you get this error message, it's very likely a failed drive - not any kind of software change you could (but probably wouldn't) have made by simply booting with a start-up disk in.

  DieSse 11:36 15 Apr 2003

PS - the original "problems with booting up" could well have been due to the drive failing to start.

  frankieman 11:36 15 Apr 2003

Windows98, but my problem is my PSU is faulty so I have tried my Hard drive on someone elses PC
they are using Windows 98 SE would that make a difference on recovering Data on my Hard Drive??

  frankieman 11:49 15 Apr 2003

The original problem did appear that i was unable to boot-up originally that is why i placed a boot-up disk in.

How do I go about formatting witout losing personal data.

  DieSse 11:58 15 Apr 2003

You can't format without losing data.

BUT I'm totally confused now - if you have a faulty PSU - what are you currently trying to do with your HDD?

If your system won't boot up without Disk I/O error, then you have to solve this before you can even try to use your HDD - which may well be bad, and the cause of the I/O error - or it may be the motherboard is bad because of the PSU problem.

  frankieman 16:21 15 Apr 2003

My other computer has a known useless PSU, so I can't power up my PC, there was a known problem with booting up before the PSU gave up altogether.

What I am trying to achieve is taking the HDD out and putting it into a known good working order PC,
it recognises the HDD but then will not go into Windows 98 O/S mode.. saying there is a Disk I/O
error replace the disk, press any key.

There is no disk to replace I can only assume I will have to Fdisk and reformat to get the HDD up and running properly which I do not want to I just want to replace the Windows files and try and save my pesonal data.

  DieSse 18:20 15 Apr 2003

OK - in this other PC - The HDD is being detected OK in the BIOS? As the correct capacity?

Then it says Disk I/O error? - correct?

Are you trying to boot from a floppy disk? - and is the error coming up before the system is booted up to an A: prompt? - or is it just when you try to talk to your hard drive?

The answers to the above are critical as to what to do next.

  frankieman 21:14 15 Apr 2003

I am trying to boot-up from a floppy (start up disk) once i see the "disk I/O error Replace the disk then press any key" because this is what I can only assume it is asking for to get up and running it is then I get the A: prompt once the start up disk is in. not getting any a: prompt
prior to putting the disk in.

This makes me assume I have to format to maybe get my HDD going again. But concerns for losing personal data.

  DieSse 10:09 16 Apr 2003

No, you can't get to the A: prompt before the start up disk in, if you're trying to boot with a floppy.

Put in the floppy - boot up the system - at the A: prompt put


(Ret) means hit the return key

What happens?

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